2018 CFA National Convention | Canadian Franchise Association

Power Sessions

Sunday, April 22, 2018 – 1:00 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.

Get Your Convention off to a powerful start by going in-depth on the topic of your choice. Whether it’s choosing the right franchisees, attracting the next generation of franchisees to your brand, or improving your digital marketing, these sessions will empower you to get results! Separate registration is required and is included in the cost of your full Convention registration.

Track: Sales


Presented by: John Evans, President, EverLine Coatings & Services Ltd.; and
Carmelo Marsala, President & Founder, Spray-Net Inc.

Speaking to millennials seems to pose a challenge for many people, not just in the franchise industry. Are these future leaders that complicated to speak to or are we simply not speaking the same language?

Carmelo Marsala and John Evans are two young entrepreneurs who have each built award-winning franchise systems in partnership with young franchisees and employees. Join their power session to learn what makes millennials tick, how to create a company culture that appeals to young people, and how to tap into the passion and energy of the next generation of franchisees to build your brand.

Learning guarantees:

  • How to market your franchise to millennials
  • What millennials are looking for in a franchise – is your franchise millennial-friendly?
  • Common myths about millennials – are they all lazy?


Track: Marketing / Business Development  


Presented by: Dan Monaghan, Co-Founder, WSI Digital

We are living in changing times, where winners and losers are changing places faster than ever. The franchise world has not been immune to the forces of digital disruption. In fact, some of the very things that worked in years gone past represent significant barriers to success today. Unfortunately, some franchisors are plotting their strategies by looking in the rear view mirror instead of seeing the changes in the road ahead.

As digital marketing becomes an increasingly dominant force within the marketplace, franchisors need specific strategies to win while providing their franchisees with a competitive advantage in the local communities they serve.

In this 3 part session we will examine:

    • The digital technologies franchisors are leveraging to more profitably and efficiently run their operations and support their franchisees;
    • How franchisors are utilizing digital technologies to more profitably grow their franchise systems with more of the right franchisees; and
    • The disruptive digital trends and technologies that are enabling franchisors to capture new leads and customers for their franchisees.

Track: Management


Presented by: Jania Bailey, CEO, FranNet LLC

When it comes to finding the perfect franchisee, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Every franchise is different, and even once you’ve identified the skills and qualities a candidate needs to thrive in your particular business, those needs will change as your business grows. If you need help identifying your perfect franchise partner, join FranNet’s Jania Bailey for this informative session. You’ll learn:

    • Techniques you can use to identify your ideal candidate for your current stage of growth
    • How to zero in on the critical skill sets necessary for success in your particular system
    • How to connect with each prospective franchisee on their particular level