2018 CFA National Convention | Canadian Franchise Association

Concurrent Sessions

Learn how to improve your business, save time and money, grow your brand, and explore the legal issues that affect you with these 12 concurrent sessions. Divided up into 4 tracks for your convenience, there’s something for everyone! Whether you’re brand new to franchising or you’re well-established, you can learn how to improve your business and gain valuable insights from the experienced and knowledgeable session leaders.

Monday April 23, 2018
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM


PRESENTED BY: Matt Sturges and Shaun Power, BDO Canada Canada LLP

Do you want an edge in today’s market? Do you want to cut costs and save money? Cloud is the solution. Hear from a cloud-computing expert about what the best practices are for implementing new cloud solutions to help drive unit performance and allow your company to make more money. Discover how to make the most of cloud technology and understand how to leverage current tax planning considerations that can keep more money in your pocket!

Learning Takeaways:
• Learn the quantifiable improvements cloud-computing can provide to your business as a whole
• Uncover the best strategies and tools for cloud based services that can increase efficiency and company growth
• How you can adopt cost-effective solutions and consistently increase your revenue

Nancy Criconet

PRESENTED BY: Nancy Criconet, The Lunch Lady

The Lunch Lady has experienced significant growth over the past few years, and they did it without breaking the bank, restructuring, or adding sophisticated technology. What’s their secret? Attend this session to find out how you too can find success by making small but meaningful changes to your franchise development process.

Presented as a case study, this informative session will illustrate how doing things differently can make a significant impact, with lessons you can apply to your own franchise today. Embrace change and grow your franchise with the strategies you’ll learn in this session!

Learning Takeaways:
• Easy tweaks you can make today to improve your franchise development processes
• How to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of your efforts
• How to get big results without breaking the bank

Franchise Consultant Angela Cote

PRESENTED BY: Angela Cote, Angela Cote Consulting Inc.

Franchise success isn’t just measured by sales. Rather, a large part of franchise success is unit-level economics, or the performance of franchisees within your system. If you are not committed to the success of each of your franchisees, your brand can suffer. Conversely, if you get clear on your unit level economics, your brand can soar!

Attend this highly interactive session and learn how to set up a culture of exponential growth.
Hear from someone who has lived and breathed on both sides of the franchise equation about how to improve unit level economics, and increase transparency and accountability to improve profitability.

Learning Takeaways:
• What are the active steps for improving unit-level economics and creating a culture of accountability
• How to get franchisee buy-in for sharing key metrics
• The best practices for KPIs and P&L statements

Dixie Ho Headshot

PRESENTED BY: Dixie Ho, Sotos LLP and Aaron Abrams, Molly Maid

Is your franchisee doing something they shouldn’t? Tweeting inappropriately? Changing the colour of the logo? Buying supplies from substandard sources? “Supplementing” your product selection? In this session, we will talk about when to issue a cease and desist letter, the legal elements required and how to get your point across without creating an adversarial relationship with your franchisee.

Using real life examples, we’ll look at: situations which may require cease and desist actions; best practices in writing cease and desist letters; how to lay out the consequences of non-compliance; measuring the tone necessary to ensure corrective action; and how move on in the franchise relationship.

Learning Takeaways:
• How to identify the right actions for your brand including when a cease and desist action is required
• Understand the right steps to take when franchisor standards are not met
• Best practices for avoiding disputes while ensuring corrective measures are taken when necessary

Monday April 23, 2018
3:30 PM – 4:30 PM

PRESENTED BY: Jason Kealey, FranchiseBlast

Traditional field audits and performance reviews can be outdated, onerous, and ineffective, leaving both franchisees and franchisors frustrated with little in the way of improvement. Yet, when done the right way, these evaluations are optimal for franchisees’ development and can help highlight needed improvements to your business.

Leveraging the most efficient evaluation processes, learn how to positively influence franchisees. Uncover the gaps that undermine the impact of both in person field audits and remote performance reviews, and learn how to create an invaluable experience that ensures franchisees maximize their potential.

Learning Takeaways
• How to make visits more efficient and maximize the time allotted to coaches
• How to automate mundane parts of the performance review and increase productivity
• How to expand franchisee coaching outside of the visit via self-improvement processes


PRESENTED BY: Steve Buors, Reshift Media
We often find that digital campaigns are set up to drive “activity” metrics like impressions, clicks and click-through-rates instead of doing what they are supposed to – which is to drive sales!

During this fun and entertaining session, we will discuss an entirely different way of thinking about digital media which is less about driving “traffic” and more about using social and search strategies to deliver real-world store traffic and sales.

To show how this could work for you, we will walk through a case study where M&M Food Market used an innovative social advertising approach to generate local sales for its franchisees over the crucial holiday period.

During this session, you will learn how your franchise system can:
• Turn online activity into online and offline sales
• Use real-time mobile location & behavioral advertising to drive foot-traffic and sales
• Quickly implement social and search best practices into your franchise system

Perry Maisonneuve

PRESENTED BY: Perry Maisonneuve, Northern Lights Consultants

Featuring a panel of seasoned franchise professionals, this session will explore the journey of building a franchise brand from the ground up. All attendees will gain insight into what it takes to be a successful franchisor and to experience successful franchise expansion.

Some of the questions panelists will cover: Who were their strongest allies? Who were their biggest detractors? With the benefit of hindsight, what were the critical cross-roads, trips, tricks and traps along the way?

An invaluable session, hear from experienced franchisors about the opportunities and threats facing franchising today and their vision of franchising in the future. You won’t want to miss it.

Learning Takeaways:
• What are the factors that influence the growth of an emerging franchise system
• The biggest challenges, threats and opportunities when growing a franchise
• Important strategies, lessons and skills to ensure your franchisees succeed

Dominic Mochrie

PRESENTED BY: Dominic Mochrie, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP

Underperforming and struggling franchisees exist in any franchise system. Many franchisors are periodically approached with requests for assistance from franchisees, and some franchisors even have formal, structured franchisee-assistance programs.

However, despite best intentions, providing assistance to franchisees can have unintended repercussions on the franchisor, including later claims of waiver of contractual rights and complaints of preferential treatment from other franchisees. This workshop will explore issues relating to franchisors providing direct assistance to struggling franchisees.

Learning Takeaways:
• What form of assistance a franchisor should provide
• The pros and cons of developing a formal assistance program – and how to do it the right way
• How to document the assistance provided

Tuesday April 24, 2018
10:30 AM – 11:30 AM

PRESENTED BY: Rebecca Page, Concierge Home Services

Growing your small business can be tough. From marketing consistently to executing an effective growth strategy, small franchise systems are up against unique challenges. However, that doesn’t mean growing your small business is impossible. Nor does it mean you can’t expand your customer base to outpace the competition.

After all, Rebecca Page, Founder and CEO of Concierge Home Services, did just that. With honesty and relatability, she will share her experiences as a small franchisor, the common pitfalls faced by small systems, and the strategies needed to overcome them. You’ll experience a safe place to ask questions, gain valuable insights, and leave with the right resources and tools to help your small system grow.

Learning Takeaways:
• How to manage your budget, including where to spend and where to save when building a franchise system
• Checklist of the elements your system needs to grow
• How to prepare your system for growth and common pitfalls to avoid in the early years

Keith Gerson

PRESENTED BY: Keith Gerson, FranConnect

Establishing a winning sales culture is no easy feat. In fact, in a survey conducted by FranConnect of more than 600 franchisors, 47% of them fail to achieve quotas. Does this mean companies are not investing enough time and money to build better products? Not necessarily. You might have the latest technology, the best online presence and amazing customer service, but if you don’t know how to build a competent sales culture, you can’t achieve your franchise goals.

Learn the key elements for creating an effective sales culture in this much needed session. Franchise experts will share how to create a tactical sales plan that reaches your goals, improves your marketing ROI, and establishes brand credibility and rapport. Build a reliable system of leadership, trust and accountability that nurtures a mindset of excellence.

Learning Takeaways:
• Discover why more than 50% of sales leads never receive a phone call
• How to develop effective sales processes and systems to meet sales targets
• How to create a cadence for advancing candidates through goals in the sales process

PRESENTED BY: Frank Zaid, Frank Zaid FRANlegal Support Services

Effective communication can never be overestimated. At its best, communication is the gateway to franchising successfully and at its worst, ineffective communication can lead to costly and disruptive franchise disputes.

Join this session to learn the best practices for forging strong franchisor-franchisee relations and the strategies for facilitating reliable two-way communications. Determine the common reasons why conflicts arise and how to avoid litigation by resolving disputes alternatively with advisory councils, independent franchise ombudsman programs, mediation and arbitration.

Learning Takeaways:
• How important franchise communications are to your organization
• Best practices in franchise relations and how to realistically implement them
• How to use alternative dispute resolution methods effectively