2017 CFA National Convention | Canadian Franchise Association


Concurrent Sessions

Learn how to improve your business, save time and money, grow your brand, and explore the legal issues that affect you with these 12 concurrent sessions. Divided up into 4 tracks for your convenience, there’s something for everyone! Whether you’re brand new to franchising or you’re well-established, you can learn how to improve your business and gain valuable insights from the experienced and knowledgeable session leaders.


Monday, April 3, 2017
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

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PRESENTED BY: Mike Stranz and Matt Sturges, BDO Canada

The proliferation of cost-effective cloud technology has vastly improved the ability for franchisors to gain visibility to unit level performance. In this session, we will review best practices for implementing new cloud solutions to help drive unit performance with benchmarking and performance groups, thereby increasing system-wide revenue and making you more money.


PRESENTED BY: Ryan Smolkin, Smoke’s Poutinerie

Too many brands forget that their product and service offers a pathway to lifestyle, but Smoke’s Poutinerie is all about brand as entertainment. What aura do you want to emit to your customers and how do you channel that unto them? Portraying this lifestyle and aspirational behavior for consumers, a brand can move from participating in an industry to redefining it… cornering it to the point where it stands alone creating its very own industry. Don’t just stop at creating your own brand, create your whole damn industry. If you believe in your product and it truly is unique, set it apart through strong differentiation and consumer/customer perception. When you do this, you create a new line of products, culture and way of thinking.

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PRESENTED BY: Blair Rebane, Partner, Borden Ladner Gervais; Tony Wilson, Boughton Law; & Peter Snell, Gowling WLG

The BC Franchises Act came into force February 1, when British Columbia became the sixth Canadian province to adopt franchise specific legislation. This session will compare and contrast the BC franchise laws with the franchise legislation of the other provinces.  The session will provide franchisors and their lawyers with an understanding of the issues relating to disclosure in British Columbia, and how they might adapt their franchise disclosure documents to comply with BC franchise legislation.  This session will explore “best practices” in franchise disclosure in British Columbia when using a national franchise disclosure document.


PRESENTED BY: Steve Buors, Reshift Media Inc.

As a franchisor you have an incredibly tough job. You work hard to establish, grow and protect your brand, and then you share that brand with franchisees to act as your ambassadors. It can often be difficult to find and maintain that balance between national consistency and local flexibility. As a franchise network, your local franchisees can be an incredible source of strength, ingenuity and energy. However, it is often difficult to coordinate your network to work towards common goals or collaborate on promotions, particularly when it comes to digital efforts.

Join this entertaining and informative session to learn how your franchise organization can employ smart, simple strategies and technology to better coordinate your franchise network from a digital operations perspective, including your websites, search and social media. We will discuss proven, real-world strategies you can easily employ to get the best of both worlds: local flexibility with national consistency.

Learning Takeaways:

  • Where many franchise companies experience digital pain points
  • How to use technology as a means to ensure consistency while still enabling local creativity and agility
  • Specific strategies which will improve digital operational efficiency and enable local/national collaboration

Monday, April 3, 2017
3:30 PM – 4:30 PM


PRESENTED BY: Jason Helfenbaum, ClicKnowledge

One of the top challenges franchisors face today is not so much perfecting their system as it is getting their franchisees to follow the system. Many operational issues begin with “If only the franchises would…” In this highly interactive session, you will gain insight as to why franchisees are often reluctant to comply, tools you can use to bring everyone to the same side, and how you can use training to foster deeper relationships, commitment, and buy-in.


PRESENTED BY: Michael Mire, SweetIQ Analytics Corp.

In today’s local-mobile world, 60% of all internet searches are made on a mobile device. More than ever your brand needs to be found online when and where shoppers search. Learn how to get found in online searches and drive online-to-offline customers directly to you.

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PRESENTED BY: Allan Dick, Sotos LLP; Don Wray, Little Caesar of Canada ULC; Jeff Lake, PUNCH Canada

Every organization is vulnerable to crisis. Data breaches, food-borne illness, workplace violence, defective products, environmental accidents, and social media blunders pepper the daily news.  In this session, we explore how to: build crisis management into your business plan; take action before crisis strikes; identify potential vulnerabilities; manage and communicate in a crisis; and survive with your business and your brand’s goodwill intact.


PRESENTED BY: Shawn Saraga, SRS Canada

Shawn Saraga will share examples of how the strategic plans he had devised have helped to attract Franchisees, Area Developers and National Masters. By utilizing demographic research, site selection strategies, chain wide sales, competitors and numerous other points of data these strategic plans and how they are comprised can lead to whole new opportunities in recruitment. These strategic plans are valued by landlords and bankers in developing strategies to help brands expand. By aligning recruitment, real estate and financing under one unified objective of creating happy profitable franchisees these plans can show you a new way to expand your brand today.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017
10:30 AM – 11:30 AM


PRESENTED BY: Scott Morgenroth and Mike Mitchell, Listen360

Net Promoter Score(NPS) is arguably the most reliable gauge of customer loyalty and practical methods for closing the loop with customers.  But beyond discerning whom your happy and unhappy customers are is a wealth of detailed insights that can improve operations.  During this session, Richard Thomas of Listen360 will provide a brief introduction to NPS followed by Scott Morgenroth of Listen360 (formerly i9 Sports).  Scott will provide franchise operations best practices based on his decade long tenure as the manager of Franchise Business Coaching and Training for i9 Sports, a top ranked Children’s Fitness Franchise in the U.S.  Scott will discuss how i9 Sports used NPS and customer feedback as a franchise coaching tool, as a means of prioritizing which aspects of their customer experience to focus on, and as a brand-wide KPI to benchmark future developments.

PRESENTED BY: Carmelo Marsala, Spray-Net, John Evans, Everline Coatings and Services and Jennifer Turliuk, MakerKids Inc.

Speaking to millennials seems to pose a challenge for many people, not just in the franchise industry. Are these future leaders that complicated to speak to or are we simply not speaking the same language? As award-winning young franchisors, Carmelo Marsala and John Evans have unique insight into what makes millennials tick. Find out how to tap into the passion and energy of the next generation of franchisees to build your brand.

Learning Takeaways

  • How to market your franchise to millennials
  • What millennials are looking for in a franchise – is your brand millennial-friendly?
  • Common myths about millennials – are they really all lazy?

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PRESENTED BY: Brian Wasyliw and Matthew Badrov, Sherrard Kuzz LLP

Recruitment and hiring presents both opportunities and challenges. Great employees make for a great workplace, but hiring the wrong person can be costly.  However, if managed well, there are ways to minimize risk. This session highlights cross-Canada tips when hiring and when employment has come to an end.

PRESENTED BY: Marietta Snetsinger, Ascend Franchise Solutions

Franchisors often struggle with establishing an effective operational support program for their franchisee partners. A solid performance management program is critical to the on-going sustainability of any successful and sustainable franchise system; it can also be one of the most effective recruitment tools a franchisor can utilize.

Through this workshop attendees will learn how to develop their own performance management program, including the basic steps in establishing and setting up a support program focused on measuring and monitoring the performance of their franchisees. Using a yearlong approach and client case studies, attendees will leave with actionable tips and next steps to improve their performance management program including:

  1. How to identify deficiencies of current franchisee performance management program
  2. Steps to implement franchisee support program
  3. How to manage/create performance based relationships with Franchisees
  4. Understanding of the roles and responsibilities of franchisees and franchisors
  5. Best Practices of successful franchise performance management programs
  6. Establishing a benchmarking program
  7. Establishing and franchisee audit program
  8. Step by step process of implementing a performance management program