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Zor-2-Zor Mentors

Canadian Franchise Association Franchise Mentor Program


As a franchise industry veteran, you know how powerful strong partnerships can be. That’s why you should apply to be a mentor in CFA’s mentor program Zor-2-Zor: Franchise Coach in Your Corner.

This volunteer-driven service for members, by members underscores the uniqueness of CFA as a community of franchise professionals who work together to promote franchise excellence and industry best practices. This is an exceptional opportunity to give back to the franchise community by addressing the needs of new and expanding franchisors and helping them to achieve their goals and overcome challenges.


What Is a Mentor?
A mentor is a volunteer leader or colleague who provides help, guidance and support to a person with less experience and is looking to advance in their field. This type of relationship is usually a mutual agreement in which the mentor offers advice, personal experiences and answers to questions in order to help the mentee become more proficient/successful in their field.


Eligibility Requirements
Mentor placements are open to franchisors with 5+ years’ experience and franchise consultants with 8+ years’ experience. As all mentor roles are volunteer based, there will be no compensation for participation in the program or to cover expenses incurred during mentee consultations.

Each mentor will be paired with a mentee from their own region based on the mentee’s self-identified concerns and challenges, taking into consideration the mentor’s self-identified areas and industries of expertise. Mentors will not be paired with a mentee from a competing system (to be identified by the mentor).

Mentor/mentee pairing will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis based on mentor availability. Mentors will be required to commit to a one year (12 month) consulting relationship with their assigned mentee. Over the course of the year, the mentor will provide 12-15 hours of consulting/ counsel via telephone and email. In-person meetings may be arranged at the discretion of the Mentor.