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Comments From Past CFA Awards Program Winners And Finalists:

“The Franchisees’ choice award is a nice recognition and confirmation that we are doing things right and that our Franchisees are behind us. We have a unique relationship with our franchisees, that is all cemented in our brand.”
– Andrea Mackey, President, Wise Cracks

“Winning the CFA Award of Excellence and participating in the program not only brings a level of credibility to the Vin Bon Franchise, it validates that our Franchise is a great opportunity for New Potential Franchisees. The Benchmarking Program shows us where we excel and what we can work on to make the Vin Bon Franchise better!”
– Karen Mandryk, Director Business Development and Operations, Vin Bon

“Winning the Gold Award of Excellence in the category of Traditional Franchises – Mature/Established is important because it represents direct feedback from the Franchise Partners we serve. Then to be further recognized as the top franchise system in the country through the CFA Award of Excellence in Franchising Grand Prize is simply amazing because we are competing with the best of the best in franchising in Canada.”
– Michael Drever, former CEO and Founder, Expedia CruiseShipCenters (2010 Winner)

“This award is the largest achievement a franchise system can aspire to win. It is truly amazing to be recognized as a leading franchise system in Canada.”
– Darryl Sangster, President and COO, Sangster’s Health Centres (2009 Winner)

“It’s great to win this award because it’s the ultimate prize in Canadian franchising. It’s kind of like taking home the Oscar for Best Motion Picture, but better, since it was our franchise owners who were the ultimate judges.”
– Ken LeBlanc, President and CEO, (2008 Winner)

“We participated in the CFA Awards Program because we wanted feedback on how we could serve our franchise partners better. Winning the Franchisees’ Choice Designation was an unexpected bonus. We are very excited and honoured by this award.”
– Marty Bennett, Founder and President, Lemon Heaven

“We’re an objective-driven company. We took the scores and used them as a benchmark.”
– Michael Drever, President and CEO, Expedia CruiseShipCenters (2007 Winner)

“For us, this is really great information. It gives us the pulse of our system. We’re already looking at how we can do better.”
– Warren Erhart, President, White Spot Restaurants (runner up 2007)

“To be honoured by our franchisees is fantastic. To be a finalist was a great honour, but to win is an even greater one.”
– Michael Mutsaerts, Former Vice President, Business Development, Expedia CruiseShipCenters (2006 Winner)

“It’s a very great day at Merry Maids. Winning this prestigious award validates our efforts, training and systems. The high profile and success of the other finalists only adds value to this award. You always think you’re doing well, but you’re never 100 percent sure. It’s great to get a third party involved to more clearly see and understand how you’re doing.”
– Bob Goodwin, Business Leader, Merry Maids of Canada (2000 Winner)

“The CFA Award of Excellence tells us that we are on the right track at Wendy’s. We strive to provide our franchisees with a quality experience.”
– Brion Grube, Senior Vice President, Wendy’s Restaurants of Canada (1999 Winner)

“This prestigious award is our crowning achievement and it continues to have a positive impact for our company. When we send our promotional material to potential franchisees, we include a list of awards in our company profile. This award is a testament to our credibility, so we get more applications. This, in turn, allows us to select the best applicants from a larger pool of applicants. That makes M&M Meat Shops a stronger company.”

“The CFA Award of Excellence gives franchisees bragging rights. They can tell people that they’re part of an award-winning organization. We strongly encourage other companies to enter the contest. The external evaluation of corporate values, policies and operations is a boon to the entire company.”
– Greg Voisin, Vice President of Franchising, M&M Meat Shops (1995 Winner)

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