CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising | Canadian Franchise Association

Entry into the CFA Awards Program is free and exclusive to members of the Canadian Franchise Association that:

  • have been franchising for at least 3 years, and
  • have at least 6 franchisees (owners and not just locations)

To qualify, eligible brands must meet certain franchisee participation levels, as follows:

For New and Emerging Systems:

  • with 6-10 franchisees, 100% must participate;

For all other systems:

  • up to 100 franchisees, at least 10 must participate
  • over 100 franchisees, at least 10% must participate

Eligibility requirements are based on Canadian operations.

The Entry Process

Entry is by brand – each brand must complete their own questionnaire and submit a distinct franchisee contact list. Entry into the program is free and can be completed in a few easy steps:

  1. Use the button on the upper right to go to the registration page, or request the link from
  2. Complete the registration and choose your start date.
  3. You will be notified via e-mail by The Portage Group of receipt of your registration and you will be requested to provide an electronic contact list of all your franchisees.
  4. Submit your electronic contact list to The Portage Group.
  5. Franchisees will receive an e-mail invitation to participate based on the date you choose. To help franchise systems promote franchisee participation, franchisors are provided with an e-mail template to send to their franchisees. The template provides information about the CFA Awards Program to encourage franchisees to take 15 minutes to complete the online survey.
  6. Franchisees complete the 15-minute Franchisee Survey online and must submit their responses within the specified time.
  7. The Portage Group will amalgamate all of the franchisee responses and determine winners for each category
  8. Winners will be announced on Monday, April 23 at the 2018 CFA National Convention in Ottawa.