CFA | Raising the Profile of Franchising in Canada

CFA is Raising the Profile of Franchising

One of CFA’s strategic imperatives is to raise the profile of franchising in Canada. We’re letting media, government, and the public to know that franchising enriches communities across Canada by creating meaningful business and employment opportunities. Through these efforts, we want to promote franchising as the smart path to business ownership and demonstrate to government that it’s an important business model that needs to be protected.

To this end, we’ve been working with CFA National Sponsor PUNCH Canada to generate positive media coverage about franchising and our members through an ongoing, pro-active media relations campaign. In our first year working with PUNCH, we generated 36 million media impressions in 228 media outlets.

As we continue to work with PUNCH to raise the profile of franchising in Canada, we’ll be keeping members up to date on our efforts. This new column in The FranchiseVoice will share highlights from the last quarter of our media relations campaigns, with the latest news, media clippings, and stats.

Here’s what we accomplished in the last quarter of 2016:

In October 2016, we launched a publicity campaign to promote The Franchise Show in Toronto and Vancouver. This campaign generated over 10 million media impressions in 64 media outlets, including Financial Post, Toronto Star, Blog TO, Food Biz, NOW Magazine, BC Living, and Roundhouse Radio.

We also distributed a media release announcing CFA’s sponsorship of the International Franchise Association’s NextGen in Franchising Global Competition. This resulted in a story about the 2016 Grand Prize winner Carmelo Marsala, founder of CFA-member franchise Spray-Net, which was picked up in 24 Hours and the Toronto Sun, generating almost 3.6 million media impressions.


Over 14.5 million media impressions through 66 media outlets across Canada in the last quarter of 2016. We were featured in print, online, and on air by some of Canada’s biggest media outlets.

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To spread our message to even more people, we’ve continued to build our audiences on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. In 2016, we developed our first annual social media marketing plan and grew our social networks by 74% in 12 months!

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