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New Year, New Franchise Opportunities with Franchise Canada

Another year has come to an end and as we say good-bye to 2018 and hello to 2019, it’s time for you to follow your dreams, take a leap of faith, and pursue your personal and professional goals. If 2019 is the year you decide to invest in your dream franchise, the January/February issue of Franchise Canada is a must-read!

The Canadian Franchise Association’s (CFA) annual Trends Issue is officially online and on newsstands across the country, which means everything you need to know about the future of Canadian franchising is one click away. And if our 2019 Franchise Trends Report cover story is any indication, the year ahead looks bright for entrepreneurs, as 2019 is set to offer prospective franchisees a diverse range of exciting new investment opportunities.

In our Trends Report, Franchise Canada breaks down the four franchise sectors that have experienced the most growth over the last five years, setting them up for success in 2019 and making them ideal investment opportunities for Canadians ready to be in business for themselves but not by themselves.

Plus, our Trends Issue features not one, not two, but three Franchise Canada TV interviews with, CleanQuip, and Spiritleaf. And that’s not all!

Watch behind the scenes video content with Tutor Doctor franchisees as they explain why community involvement is vital for small business owners in our Giving Back feature. Click here to watch all videos from this issue.

Additional highlights of the January/February Issue include:

Franchising Heroes

Military personnel and franchise owners have more in common than you think. Hear from three veterans of the Canadian Forces who share the core values that helped them succeed in both careers.

Canada’s Green Rush

The Cannabis Act now means Canadians can legally possess, consume, and grow recreational cannabis. Take a look at three cannabis-based franchise systems looking to grow through franchising.

Do You Have What it Takes to Succeed as a Franchisee?

Are you ready to become a best-in-class franchisee? Get an exclusive look at the top 10 traits of the most successful franchise partners and learn how you can stand out from the competition.

Let’s Get Digital

What two franchises are making a name for themselves online? Bloomtools Canada and WSI Digital are pioneering new age concepts, one click at a time.

You can start reading the January/February issue of Franchise Canada online now. So, get your reading glasses on and get ready to learn about the best investment opportunities available to you in 2019!

Utesh Charan, Gorilla Property Services

Monkey Business: Entrepreneur Finds Success with Gorilla Property Services

From where small business owner Utesh Charan is standing, the future of franchising looks bright. On a typical day, the Gorilla Property Services franchisee can be found outside in the sun, tackling some of the biggest property maintenance tasks around.

For someone used to working inside, working outdoors is definitely a perk that brightens Charan’s day.

But even when the weather is less than optimal, Charan never backs down from the chance to also brighten the day of his customers. In sun, rain or snow, he can be counted on to show up and take care of his clients’ property management needs.

It’s this tough mindset that attracted Charan to Gorilla Property Services in the first place. “As a Gorilla franchisee you’ve got to be tough. It says so in the name – Gorilla.”

From the moment the beloved “monkey” truck powers down the street, clients know they’ll receive the highest quality of care, whether that’s in pressure washing, gutter cleaning, or roof cleaning services.

And franchisees, like Charan, are not only proud of consistently delivering those kinds of services, but are grateful for the financial security that comes along with being part of a reputable franchise system.

“I love the return of investment,” Charan notes cheerfully, “I credit the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) for helping me to get started.”

Finding Success with Canada’s #1 Franchise Directory

Sometimes all you need to propel yourself into success is the right franchise opportunity.

And it often begins with leveraging the right kinds of tools. Tools like Canada’s number one online directory –

It’s what Charan did. “I was looking for an opportunity where I could be my own boss and still be profitable,” he recounts. “So I decided to search on the CFA online directory, It wasn’t just any old site. It’s backed by credibility and it’s under a trustworthy umbrella.”

Fast forward one year later and Charan is still appreciative of his decision to search for a franchise using the CFA online directory. He gets to be part of Gorilla Property Services – an opportunity that generates profits with the added bonus of the independence and support he’s longed for.

His advice to others looking for a similar opportunity: “There is no substitute for hard work. With hard work and determination, I believe anyone can find success and be part of a rewarding franchise like Gorilla Property Services.”

Roll out the Red Carpet for Franchise Canada’s Franchising Excellence Issue

You could say the latest issue of Franchise Canada is award-worthy! Our annual Franchising Excellence issue is now available online and on newsstands across the country and with an exclusive look at this year’s Awards of Excellence winners, it’s one you don’t want to miss.

We’re giving you a rundown of the strongest brands in the industry from the CFA’s 2018 Grand Prize winners to this year’s Franchisees’ Choice Designees. And the celebration doesn’t stop there!

Our cover story on Mr. Lube honours the Canadians brands’ 2018 Franchisees of the Year. Find out what Rick Spindor and Keith Wickens have to say about winning the coveted award and get tips on how you can be next year’s Franchisee of the Year.

And new to this issue, we’ve launched Franchise Canada TV. Get behind the scenes franchising content with exclusive interviews featured in Franchise Canada Magazine. In our first episode, we speak with Peter Rakovalis, Mr. Lube’s Director of Franchise Development. Watch the interview below and read the entire cover story here.

Check out more features from the November/December issue including:

Franchising with Heart

Discover which systems are doing their part to help the community with a business model focused on senior and homecare services.

Do You Have What it Takes to Succeed as a Franchisee?

Determination and passion are just two qualities any prospective franchisee should have before taking the leap into business ownership. Here, we break down the top 10 traits any best-in-class franchisee should bring with them on the job.

Special Franchise Focus: Quick Service Restaurants

Get the facts on the Canadian QSR sector, featuring Fatburger, Pizza Pizza, Mr. Greek and more!

The latest issue of Franchise Canada is available online now. So, roll out the red carpet, get ready to celebrate franchising in 2018 and be inspired to achieve entrepreneurial success!

Take a Bite out of Franchise Canada’s Annual Food Issue

Immerse yourself in one of Canada’s largest and fastest growing industries in the September/October 2018 issue of Franchise Canada. Now available for free online and on newsstands across the country, our annual Food Issue is the perfect read for any prospective franchisee who loves to dine.

From quick service and fast casual to full service restaurants, we have everything you need to know about the food industry including an in-depth guide on the various food-related franchise models you can invest in.

Of course, before investing in a franchise you have to do your due diligence. Find out what you need to take into account before entering the food sector with tips from franchise consultant Gary Prenevost and other experts in the field including, Shoeless Joe’s President Frank Lopreiato, and Grinner’s Food Systems Vice-President of Franchising and Development, Guy Gallant.

Check out other highlights in the issue below:

Global Franchise Flavours: Take a trip to Mexico, France, Greece and Japan in a special feature on franchise systems serving Canadians cuisine from around the world

Excellence in Franchising: Celebrate the 2018 Awards of Excellence Grand Prize winners, Little Kickers and Symposium Café. Find out why fostering franchisee relationships is key for these systems and how it led to their franchise success.

Ultimate Guide to Buying a Franchise: Start your franchise search with our informative introduction to the franchising world. Learn franchise basics and have your most pressing questions answered.

Visit FranchiseCanada.Online to read the latest articles from the September/October issue today!

Kevin McEachern, 3rd Degree Training | Actual Nutrition

A simple Google search in the middle of the night was all it took for Kevin McEachern to begin a career in an industry he loved. Having recently been laid off from his job in the hospitality sector, McEachern was in search of the next big thing and thought franchising would be right up his alley.

“I’ve always been fascinated with small business ownership,” McEachern says. “When I started researching the franchise business model, I became even more enamored with the concept. Use an established model, mitigate risks, and ease myself into owning a business with a template already in place – it just seemed like the best way to go.”

Bored one night while channel surfing, McEachern picked up his phone and Googled ‘nutrition franchises in Canada.’ One of the first results was the Canadian Franchise Association’s online franchise directory, In a matter of seconds McEachern was on the site looking at nutrition franchises expanding in the country. That’s when he came across 3rd Degree Training | Actual Nutrition.

Founded by Steve Collette in 2008, the Atlantic Canada franchise offers members seeking to improve their health a wide-range of fitness programs led by certified trainers. Coupled with a health program where nutrition fundamentals are taught and tailored to each individual’s needs by Registered Dietitians and Certified Nutritionists, the growing franchise has attracted Canadians throughout Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.

A health enthusiast himself, McEachern was drawn to the franchise for several reasons. Not only did it combine his passion for fitness and nutrition, but making a financial investment in the business was a feasible option.

“After you do some franchise research you realize you need a lot of free cash just for an initial investment,” he says. “3rd Degree’s franchise fees were not as cost prohibitive as I thought they would be. I realized that going into business with them would be very doable for me and that’s what got me from Point A to Point B.”

For McEachern, this meant going from a passive prospective franchisee to an active one. He completed the Information Request Form on 3rd Degree’s listing page to obtain additional information directly from the franchisor.

“I just typed in my info and pressed submit,” McEachern says. “I didn’t know what to expect but it took five minutes of my time. The next day I got an e-mail from Steve and we started having regular and serious conversations about me opening my own centre.”

Fast-forward to February 2017 and McEachern was opening his first location in Saint John, New Brunswick, joining the emerging franchise system as the sixth franchisee. And if you ask him why he decided to reach out to the franchise via, he’ll tell you it all came down to reputation.

“If I had just gone directly to 3rd Degree’s website, I would have had to trust that their information was factual,” he says. “When you show up on a third party site like the CFA’s, you know they are legitimate. gave me the feeling that this franchise was a reputable brand, and that first impression was worth everything!”

Pascal Quindipan, Gorilla Property Services

Sometimes the road to franchise success is long and winding. But for many, like Gorilla Property Services franchisee, Pascal Quindipan, even with a few bumps along the way, in the end it’s all worth it.

“I’m in a position where now I get to finally run my own hours and days. I get time to spend with my family.”

And that wasn’t always the case.

Taking a trip down memory lane, Pascal recalls where his journey all began: “I was in retail and worked nights and weekends for a number of years”, he lamented “Working at Telus I held a variety of positions, working my way up to management, before starting my own business.”

But as any startup owner will tell you, launching a business from scratch is fraught with risk.

And no one knows this better than Pascal. Just three years after opening the business he spent a considerable amount of time building, it all crumbled, taking down his dream of business ownership with it too.

“I took a couple of years off after that. I went back into telecommunications and then switched industries.”

For all intents and purposes, his move into business ownership seemed like a setback, a move in the wrong direction.

Until, that is, he attended the CFA’s Franchise Canada show.

Passion refueled, dream reignited, he set off for the Franchise Canada show in Vancouver, but this time he decided not to go it alone. With a ticket to Canada’s most credible franchise exhibition in hand, Pascal wanted to start a business for himself but by no means by himself.

“I started looking around for a franchise opportunity and ended up meeting into Mike Mutsaerts [Director of Franchise Development] from Gorilla Property Services.”

It was the turning point for Pascal; just three months later, he successfully achieved his dream of business ownership.

Success is often the result of taking a misstep in the right direction”- Al Bernstein

Celebrating a hard-earned milestone, a year has passed since Pascal found success as a Gorilla Property Services franchisee.

Now a typical day for the Richmond native can include anything from driving to a new site, working on a client’s property (while enjoying the beautiful weather), or managing a team of eager trainees.

It’s a business he couldn’t be happier to be a part of not only because it’s low-cost compared to other franchise investments but because he can benefit from being part of a system and drop off any mental baggage that comes with starting a business at the door.

“It’s not like I have to open the business, grow and go through that painful phase. Being in a franchise, it’s already up and running and the support from head office is already there.”

Today, Pascal not only gets to be his own boss, he gets the freedom to be with the ones he loves the most. And while the journey was by no means easy, it’s clear that franchising can provide a path to success that, in the end, makes it all worth it.

Malika Rezgani, Lice

Malika Rezgani was working in a medical office in downtown Toronto when she decided to do some light reading during one of her downtimes. A rehab support worker at the time, Rezgani always dreamed of opening her own business via franchising, but with her busy schedule, could never find the right time to explore the opportunities available to her.

As fate would have it, the clinic where Rezgani worked subscribed to Franchise Canada.

“For me, starting my franchising career began by simply picking up the magazine and reading it,” she reflects.

Though franchising was always at the back of her mind, Rezgani’s interest in the business model resurfaced after reading an article on Lice Founder & CEO, Dawn Mucci.

Mucci founded Lice in 2001 after she recognized a growing number of concerned parents were in search of safe and chemical-free solutions to remove their children’s head lice. Today, Lice clinics can be found across the country, offering families natural and eco-friendly removal products and services.

Promising a stress free – and even fun – experience, Lice consultants and franchisees do more than remove the pesky bugs. Education is a key aspect of the business, as Mucci and her franchise partners have made it a priority to equip clients and the public with removal and prevention knowledge.

Rezgani was immediately impressed with the unique business model and its projected growth. More importantly, she knew a career with the franchise would be a perfect fit with her personal and professional qualities.

“As a Lice franchisee, you interact with people every day,” Rezgani says. “You’re not just going through the process of removing lice, you’re responsible for providing emotional support to clients who are stressed about their situation. I was conducting similar work as a support worker, so I knew I would be happy working with the franchise.”

Today, Rezgani is a multi-unit franchisee with Lice, having opened her first clinic in February 2017 covering the Hamilton and Burlington, Ontario regions. Only a few months later, her second location opened in Niagara.

Rezgani’s life as a small business owner has given her the freedom to manage her career independently while continuing her passion for working with people. And she says she can thank her on-a-whim decision to pick up Franchise Canada for all of it.

“Without Franchise Canada and the CFA I don’t know if I would have made the step towards franchising. I probably never would have discovered Lice!”


Book Today!

For more information about all of our Franchise Canada advertising opportunities, contact Gwen Dunant at, or click here to learn more!

Get Your Heart Pumping with the Beauty, Health & Wellness Issue of Franchise Canada

franchise canada magazine

Put your winter parkas in storage and get ready for the summer with the Beauty, Health & Wellness issue of Franchise Canada! Now available online and on newsstands across the country, the May/June issue is equipped with the franchise knowledge you to need to successfully start your career in the nutrition, fitness and health industries.

You can make this summer one to remember by investing in your dream franchise! The latest issue of Franchise Canada not only showcases the most exciting opportunities expanding across the country, we’re giving readers an inside look at what it takes to become a franchisee in our Ultimate Guide to Buying a Franchise in Canada feature!

Additional features in the May/June issue include:

The Heart of a Successful Franchise: Delve into the world of Orangetheory Fitness and see how this up and coming franchise is using its revolutionary workout regimes to recruit franchisees around the globe! 

Eye of the Beholder: Beauty salons are in high demand and popping up across the country. Take a look at four beauty franchises that have found their niche market and are using the franchise business model to partner with entrepreneurs as passionate about beauty as they are!

Picture of Good Health: Getting in shape means more than just breaking a sweat. In our Picture of Good Health feature, we showcase four food franchises offering Canadians flavourful and nutritional meal options including meat replacement proteins, plant-based menus, healthy beverages, and more!

Aging Gracefully: The home and senior care industry is more popular than ever and will continue to grow as Baby Boomers reach the age of 65. In our Aging Gracefully feature we take readers on a journey of five unique senior-focused systems helping Canadians from coast to coast.  

If you’re a gym junkie looking to turn your passion into a successful career, get your hands on Franchise Canada today! Visit Franchise Canada Magazine online to read articles from the May/June 2018 issue for free.

NEW: Get Franchise Canada on Issuu

Franchise Canada is now available on Issuu! Subscribe now and get six full digital issues of Franchise Canada, plus a FREE print subscription delivered right to your door for just $29.99. Click here to subscribe now!  

Canadian Franchise Association Announces Winners of the 2018 Awards of Excellence in Franchising

Symposium Cafe and Little Kickers Take Home Top Honours at the CFA Awards Gala

(Toronto, ON) April 24, 2018… The Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) is pleased to announce that the Traditional and Non-Traditional Grand Prize winners of the 2018 CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising are Symposium Cafe and Little Kickers, respectively. The CFA awards two separate Grand Prizes in its annual awards program to reflect the range of franchise opportunities in the market.

“Franchising in Canada is very diverse, ranging from home-based children’s sports franchises like Little Kickers to full-service restaurants like Symposium Cafe,” says Lorraine McLachlan, the CFA’s President and CEO. “To reflect this diversity, and to ensure that participating franchise systems are being rated against their peers, our awards program includes seven categories and two Grand Prizes.”

Considered the pinnacle of franchise achievement in Canada, the CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising are given annually to franchise systems that have demonstrated the strongest, most mutually rewarding relationships with their franchisees. The Grand Prizes were presented during a gala awards presentation dinner at the 27th annual CFA National Convention in Ottawa, Ontario.

“The CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising truly set a benchmark for franchises throughout Canada and we are honoured to present the awards to this year’s winners,” McLachlan continues. “No matter what size a franchise system is, or what format it takes, a solid relationship between franchisor and franchisee is vital to the system’s success. Symposium Cafe’s and Little Kickers’ strong results demonstrate they offer outstanding support to their franchisees.”

Open exclusively to CFA-member franchise systems who have been franchising for three years or more, the CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising recognize excellence in franchise operations. Winning systems must demonstrate a dedication to superior franchisee relations, leadership, business planning, marketing, training and support, ongoing operations and communications.

This year, more than 70 CFA-member franchise systems participated in the competition, setting a new record. The winning franchise systems were decided based on the results of a survey completed by participating franchisors and their franchisees about their experiences and levels of satisfaction with the system. The CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising is sponsored by the CFA and administered by the Portage Group, a third-party research firm.

Entries were separated into Traditional Franchises (those with brick and mortar locations) and Non-Traditional Franchises (those that are mobile or home based). Within these categories, entrants were grouped based on number of franchisees.

These categories reflect the wide range of franchise opportunities in today’s marketplace and create a more even playing field for the ranking of each entry.

The 2018 CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising winners are:

2018 CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising Grand Prize

Traditional Franchises: Symposium Cafe            Non-Traditional Franchises: Little Kickers

Traditional Franchises (i.e. bricks and mortar locations)

6-15 Franchisees

Gold: Lice   Silver: Inspiration Learning Center Bronze: THE TEN SPOT Beauty Bar

16-29 Franchisees

Gold: Symposium Cafe  Silver: Scholars Education Centre Bronze: White Spot Restaurants

30-99 Franchisees

Gold: Triple O’s   Silver: UCMAS Mental Math Schools Bronze (Tie): Speedpro Signs and Wendy’s Restaurants of Canada Inc.

100+ Franchisees

Gold: Pizza Nova Silver: A&W Food Services of Canada Bronze: Boston Pizza International Inc.

Non-Traditional Franchises (i.e. mobile, home-based, etc.)

6-15 Franchisees

Gold: Wise Cracks  Silver: Par-T-Perfect Party Planners Bronze: Heart to Home Meals

16-29 Franchisees

Gold: Little Kickers Silver: Restoration 1 Bronze: TWO MEN AND A TRUCK

30+ Franchisees

Gold: Paul Davis Restoration Inc.

Silver: Alair Homes Bronze: Home Instead Senior Care

For more information about the CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising, visit

About the Canadian Franchise Association The Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) helps everyday Canadians realize the dream of building their own business through the power of franchising. CFA advocates on issues that impact this dream on behalf of more than 700 corporate members and over 40,000 franchisees from many of Canada’s best-known and emerging franchise brands. Beyond its role as the voice of the franchise industry, CFA strengthens and develops franchising by delivering best-practice education and creating rewarding connections between Canadians and the opportunities in franchising. Canadian franchises contribute over $96 billion per year to the Canadian economy and create jobs for more than 1.8 million Canadians. Learn more at or

                                                                                    # # #

For media accreditation, more information, and/or to arrange an interview with Lorraine McLachlan, CFA President & CEO, or any of the award winners, please contact:

Lisa Raffaele

PUNCH Canada


Tel: (647) 837-1265




Canadian Franchise Association Announces 2018 Franchisees’ Choice Designees


(Toronto, ON) April 25, 2018… The Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) ( announced the recipients of the 2018 Franchisees’ Choice Designation last night at a gala awards presentation during the 27th annual CFA National Convention in Ottawa, Ontario. This is the eighth year for the annual awards program and, to recognize franchise systems that have been awarded the Franchisees’ Choice Designation multiple years in a row, CFA has introduced special 5, 6, 7 and 8-year logos that these companies can use to promote their consistent high marks from franchisees.

“The true strength of a franchise system lies in the mutually-rewarding relationship between a franchisor and its franchisees,” says Lorraine McLachlan, CFA President and Chief Executive Officer. “Being a Franchisees’ Choice designee is a high honour because the high rankings in franchisee satisfaction come directly from the franchisees themselves. To earn that honour year over year is especially significant because it shows that these recipients are consistently earning high marks from their franchisees.”

The Franchisees’ Choice designees are CFA member franchise systems who voluntarily took part in an independently-administered survey. Their franchisees were asked to rate the franchisor in key areas of the franchise business model, including leadership; business planning and marketing; training and support; ongoing operations; and the relationship between the franchisor and franchisee.

In the due diligence process of investigating a franchise opportunity, speaking with existing franchisees about the opportunity being explored is essential. For prospective franchisees, the Franchisees’ Choice Designation identifies that a franchise brand has received solid endorsement and ratings from its franchisees. The 2018 Franchisees’ Choice designees are representative of the spectrum of franchise opportunities and the diversity and excellence of CFA members.

Regardless of any awards or recognitions a franchise system may receive, CFA strongly recommends that prospective franchisees conduct thorough due diligence. CFA offers an array of products and events for prospective franchisees, including CFA’s official online franchise directory, FranchiseCanada magazine, the annual FranchiseCanada Directory and The Franchise Show, Canada’s largest franchise-only exhibition held across Canada.

For more information about the Franchisees’ Choice Designation program, visit


2018 CFA Franchisees’ Choice Designees

30 Minute Hit
9Round Franchising LLC
Alair Homes
BeaverTails (5-Year Designee)
Bin There Dump That
Bloomtools Canada
Boston Pizza (8-Year Designee)
Browns Socialhouse
CertaPro Painters (8-Year Designee)
Clintar Landscape Management
COBS Bread (8-Year Designee)
Comfort Keepers Canada (7-Year Designee)
Edo Japan (8-Year Designee)
FASTSIGNS (6-Year Designee)
Fire-Alert Mobile Extinguishers (5-Year Designee)
Heart to Home Meals
Hickory Dickory Decks
Home Instead Senior Care (8-Year Designee)
Inspiration Learning Centre
Instant Imprints (5-Year Designee)
Kumon Math and Reading Centres
Liberty Tax Service (8-Year Designee)
Lice (7-Year Designee)
Little Kickers (5-Year Designee)
Mary Brown’s Famous Chicken & Taters (8-Year Designee)
Metropolitan Movers Inc.
Mister Transmission
Mr. Souvlaki
Orangetheory Fitness
Oxford Learning
Oxygen Yoga and Fitness
Par-T-Perfect Party Planners Inc. (5-Year Designee)
Paul Davis Restoration
Pizza Nova (8-Year Designee)
Pizza Pizza (5-Year Designee)
Postcard Portables
Prep’n Sell
Print Three Franchising (5-Year Designee) Inc. (8-Year Designee)
PuroClean Canada (7-Year Designee)
Quesada Burritos and Tacos
Restoration 1
Ricky’s All Day Grill
Sangster’s Health Centres (8-Year Designee)
Scholars Education Centre
Speedpro Signs (6-Year Designee)
St. Louis Bar and Grill
Symposium Cafe Inc. (8-Year Designee)
Tan on the Run
The Lunch Lady
THE TEN SPOT® beauty bars
Triple O’s
TWO MEN AND A TRUCK (8-Year Designee)
UCMAS Mental Math Schools (8-Year Designee)
Villa Madina
Vin Bon
White Spot Restaurants (5-Year Designee)
Wise Cracks

# # #

About the Canadian Franchise Association
The Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) helps everyday Canadians realize the dream of building their own business through the power of franchising. CFA advocates on issues that impact this dream on behalf of more than 700 corporate members and over 40,000 franchisees from many of Canada’s best-known and emerging franchise brands. Beyond its role as the voice of the franchise industry, CFA strengthens and develops franchising by delivering best-practice education and creating rewarding connections between Canadians and the opportunities in franchising. Canadian franchises contribute over $96 billion per year to the Canadian economy and create jobs for more than 1.8 million Canadians. Learn more at or

Media Contact:
Lisa Raffaele
PUNCH Canada | (647) 837-1265

Take a Bite Out of the March/April Issue of FranchiseCanada

With a focus on franchise systems catering to customers on the go, the March/April issue of FranchiseCanada is guaranteed to be a hit among entrepreneurs interested in joining a popular and growing industry! Our annual Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) issue is now available online, as well as on newsstands and in bookstores across Canada, and in Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounges across the globe.

A perfect read for future small business owners eager to invest in a fast-paced environment, this issue will feature the top QSR franchises providing customers exemplary service, convenience, and value and will give readers an inside look at the success of one of Canada’s oldest and most iconic and beloved QSR brands!

More features in the March/April issue include:

Women of the Franchising World: As the world celebrates International Women’s Day on March 8, FranchiseCanada features four females in franchising as they discuss their challenges and successes as small business owners.

Fresh and Flavourful: If you’re a foodie at heart, our feature on Asian cuisine across Canada is sure to get your mouth watering. From Edo Japan to Bento Sushi, our Fresh and Flavourful feature is giving readers all the pertinent information they need to invest in this popular food sector.

Succeed as a Franchisee: Do you have what it takes to succeed as a franchisee? In this feature, we give you 10 traits all best-in-class franchisees have in common and detail how you can use these qualities to create your own success.

Plus, be sure to check out the editorial found in every issue of FranchiseCanada featuring franchisees and franchisors that have made a strong impact on the franchise community.

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Military Veterans Program


Success in the military is often achieved through the same qualities that translate to success in franchising – discipline, perseverance, commitment and an ability to work within an established system. That’s why CFA is connecting our members with honourably discharged military personnel through the CFA Military Veterans Program (MVP).

Participating CFA members can list their franchise opportunity, including special discounts offered for military veterans, on the MVP portal on Only honourably discharged veterans will have access to this portal, giving our members an efficient means for connecting with veterans interested in franchising.

If you are a veteran of the Canadian military interested in researching franchise opportunities, access the CFA MVP program pages here.

If you are a CFA member interested in participating in MVP, let us know using the form below.

Top 5 Ways to Stand Out at the FranchiseCanada Show

When it comes to investing in franchising, entrepreneurs have their work cut out for them. But, with so many options to choose from, how can you get your franchise to stand out from the rest? Luckily, the FranchiseCanada Shows offer an opportunity for franchises to meet and interact face-to-face with potential Canadian investors. To help get the most out of show time, the Canadian Franchise Association has compiled a few simple tips on how to put the FUN back into franchising and get your brand noticed in the crowd:


  1. Make your space memorable

When it comes to driving attention and engagement with your booth, go big or go home. A creative stunt not only immediately gets you noticed by passersby walking the aisles, but also makes your booth and brand that much more memorable for attendees. There are infinite ways to get creative within your booth space, from something as simple as handing out food samples to something outside-of-the-box like having penguins come by to “chill.” A word of advice — while an activation is fun and will bring attention to your booth, make sure it’s clever and aligns with your brand in a meaningful way. These types of activations are much more effective at making your company stand out (and be remembered for the right reasons).


  1. Invest in a great display

Eye-catching designs and booth displays are the easiest way to entice show attendees to your space. If you have something exciting to share, why hide it under a drab black curtain? Not only will a lighter and brighter open concept display draw visitor attention, it’ll make your brand look sleeker, more established and interested in investing in its own future—a key consideration for entrepreneurs looking for a long-term investment. From pop-up banners to custom furniture, a great display is a perfect investment for your brand, as it can be used for future events as well.


  1. An experience is worth a thousand words

Instead of channeling your inner Shakespeare and handing out pamphlets of carefully-worded information, why not let your product or service speak for itself? Most food franchises have this in the bag, handing out smoothies or pizza slices to entice hungry passersby, but services can do the exact same thing. Giving mini massages, creating digital imaging prints of your guests they can then share on social, or even an interactive yoga lesson are all great ways to let visitors know that you’re proud of what your company does, and are willing to show vs tell them.


  1. Give away something unusual

Pens, notepads and magnets (although useful) are expected branded corporate swag and won’t help your brand stand apart from your competitors. Try mixing up your swag items with something a bit more fun and memorable. A stress ball in the shape of your product, branded T-shirts, a Rubik’s cube with your logo on it, USB chargers or the latest smart phone accessories are fun items that your visitors will actually want to use.

Better yet, make your giveaway something grand, and invite your attendees to “play to win,” or submit their info for a chance to win a larger ticket item (this is also a great way to build your prospective database).


  1. Have fun with it!

If you’re having fun at your booth, your guests will be too, and it shows that your company isn’t all work and no play. Try greeting guests with an ice-breaker joke, hosting an impromptu dance party with the people at your booth, or teaching visitors a secret franchisee handshake if they indicate they’re interested in signing up for more information, because every small win is worth celebrating!


Do you already have an exciting idea on how to attract attendees to your booth? Tell us what it is and we’ll promote your franchise opportunity to prospective FranchiseCanada Show attendees!

Contact Kristin Di Tommaso at

Ring in the New Year with FranchiseCanada’s Annual Trends Issue

There’s no better way to start 2018 than with the January/February issue of FranchiseCanada! Now available online and at retailers across the country, the annual trends issue is a must-read for anyone seriously considering franchising.

With an exclusive look at which franchise systems are poised for success in 2018, readers will be well-equipped to make an informative decision about their future in the industry and determine the next steps they should take to make their dreams of business ownership come to life.

From a look at the current Canadian franchising landscape to the franchise systems making a strong impact on the industry today, the trends issue has everything you need to know about joining a successful franchise!

Additional features in the issue include:

Hit the Road:  Entrepreneurs who want to be on the move will take delight in reading about the emerging franchises using mobile and home-based business models to fuel their success.

5 Ways to Wow Franchisors: Making a good first impression on a franchisor has never been easier! Set yourself apart from the competition with these tips on what you need to do to impress your next potential business partner.

Franchise Philanthropy: Meet passionate franchisees across the country who are leveraging their role as small business owners to give back in their communities.

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The FranchiseCanada Show Returns to Montreal

If you’re looking for a rewarding career in the franchise industry, the FranchiseCanada Show (formerly The Franchise Show) is your one-stop shop to turn your dreams of business ownership in to reality!

This January, join the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) and the Conseil Québécois de la Franchise (CQF) to explore franchise opportunities at all investment levels, connect with credible and accomplished franchisors, and attend free seminars led by franchise experts!

The FranchiseCanada Show is designed to help Canadian entrepreneurs get in business for themselves, but not by themselves by joining a trusted franchise system with a proven and successful business model already in place.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to invest in your future!

The FranchiseCanada Show returns to Montreal January 13 and 14 at Place Bonaventure. For more information and to pre-register and save 20%, click here.

Discover Award-Winning Franchises in FranchiseCanada’s November/December Issue

Prospective franchisees in search of credible and high-calibre franchise systems don’t need to look much further! The November/December issue of FranchiseCanada is on newsstands now and its pages are filled with the best of the best in franchising.

In our annual Excellence in Franchising issue, we’re honouring the most recognized and celebrated Canadian franchises over the past year starting with our cover story on the Canadian Franchise Association’s (CFA) 2017 Awards of Excellence Non-Traditional Grand Prize winner Par-T-Perfect.

And that’s not all! Discover which iconic and beloved Canadian brands celebrated franchising milestones this year and meet the franchisees making a name for themselves in the industry after being bestowed the coveted Franchisee of the Year award by their franchisors.

More exciting highlights in this issue include:

Franchise Your Business – Are you a small business owner interested in franchising your business? If so, you’ll want to follow these seven steps to ensure your endeavour into the world of franchising is a success.

Canadian Franchises Abroad – Get an inside look at four Canadian franchise systems trekking around the globe. See what they’re doing right to find success abroad, while maintaining a strong and growing presence here at home.

Crowning Glory – Which hair salons are redefining the industry with a fresh, modern take? Read what these professionals are doing differently and get inspired to schedule your next cut!

Special Franchise Focus: B2B Franchises – B2B systems are gaining momentum in the industry as more and more businesses are in search of specialized services that help them operate with efficiency. Learn more about this growing industry today!

Join an award-winning franchise team! Visit FranchiseCanada Magazine online to read articles from the November/December 2017 issue for free and get more information about franchises that are expanding in your area. You can also check out the print edition on newsstands, order your subscription online or call 1-800-665-4232 ext. 224.


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