2018 Golf Tournaments: Hit a Hole-In-One with these Top Networking Tips

Any good businessperson knows that networking is a key ingredient for success. Whether it’s forming partnerships with influential entrepreneurs, spreading your brand to target audiences, or learning effective business strategies from experts in the field, networking serves many purposes within the world of franchising.

Fortunately for you, the CFA’s upcoming Golf Tournaments are designed to connect you with franchise leaders across the country! Join us at one of three Golf Classics in BC, Ontario, and New Brunswick this June and come prepared with these hot networking tips.

Be On Time: Being late never looks good and never goes unnoticed. Show your reliability by arriving on time (registration opens at 9:00 for the Atlantic Golf Classic and 10:00 for the Pacific and Central Classics) and come early if you plan on meeting franchisees or clients.

Don’t Start The Day Talking Business: The Golf Classic is meant to be a fun, stress-free day in support of the CFA’s advocacy work! Acknowledge when business talk is and isn’t appropriate.

Put Your Guests First: If you’re inviting employees or clients, ask them what activities they want to participate in, and play to their comfort level. In addition to golf, additional sports and spa options are available at our Central Golf Classic.

Stay Engaged And Listen: It’s not all about you! Although you may be eager to talk about your business, make sure you listen to what others are offering. Engage, ask questions, and determine which systems would make for an ideal partnership.

Research: If you want to connect with a specific individual or franchise system, come prepared with questions you want to ask, and make sure you know their business inside and out. Trust us, they’ll be impressed!

Articulate Your Goals: Understand your business goals and be prepared to speak about where you are, where you’re headed, and what you hope to achieve in the future.

To learn more and to register, click on the links below:

Pacific Golf Classic
Thursday, June 7
Westwood Plateau Golf Club
Coquitlam, BC

Central Golf Classic
Thursday, June 12
Richmond Hill Golf Club
Richmond Hill, ON

Atlantic Golf Classic
Thursday, June 21
Royal Oaks Golf Course
Moncton, NB

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Lou Gervasi, Events Manager, at lgervasi@cfa.ca or 416-695-2896 Ext. 243.

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