Nick Rabin, Print Three


Nick Rabin, Print Three

By Kristin Di Tommaso

When Nick Rabin met with a Print Three franchisee, in 1985, he had no idea their conversation would change his life. At the time of their meeting, Nick had been an established owner of a lumber yard business in Toronto for 15 years, but that would soon change.

Fascinated by the printing boom of the 1980s and intrigued by Print Three’s services and franchise model, Nick made the decision to leave his lucrative lumber business and start a new career in franchising. “I liked the idea of a print business because there was a lot of action in the industry at that time, so when the opportunity came up to be a part of it I took it!”

Since opening in 1970, Print Three has expanded to 50 franchise locations in Canada and has expanded internationally into the United States and Australia. With a commitment to helping Canadian businesses meet their marketing strategies, Print Three has become a reliable leader in their industry using both online and in-person printing services.

“We are happy to support businesses in their infinite need to advertise, promote, and offer products and services to their customers,” says Andrew Hrywnak, President of Print Three.

The company also ensures their franchisees are equipped with the newest information in a changing industry that is seeing more and more people turn to online printing resources. Despite these developments, Andrew says it’s Print Three’s resilient business model that has helped set them apart from competitors.

“We stand out because of our unparalleled research and development available to our franchisees. We focus on this because we understand the value of staying relevant.”

This sentiment is not lost on its franchise partners. “Over the years, I’ve seen Print Three evolve with the digital age,” says Nick. “They are supremely good at keeping up with the latest trends and technologies in printing.”

Their adaptability has made Print Three a printing powerhouse throughout the country. They received CFA’s 2016 Franchisees’ Choice Designation for the fourth time and 2012 Silver Award of Excellence in Franchising – recognizing their strong leadership, training, and support – and are always searching for new ways to stay ahead of the curve with CFA’s support. Andrew appreciates the nurturing environment CFA has supplied him and his franchisees, saying they have provided the proper framework to build a successful franchise system.

On Nick’s end, the evolving franchise model Print Three has established still gets him excited to go to work. Since becoming a franchisee 32 years ago, every day has brought on a new challenge that he is ready to meet head on. “I love being self-employed! The great thing about being a franchisee is that you get to own and grow your own business while having assistance from the franchisor to run it.”

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