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Franchise Legislation

If you’re a franchisor operating in or expanding to Canada, you need to be familiar with provincial franchise legislation or your business and reputation could be at risk.

To help our members stay current on the latest laws and legislative developments in each province, CFA has compiled all provincial franchise legislation, regulations and consultation papers in one convenient portal that includes a detailed comparative chart to help you understand how the laws vary from province to province. Please note that external links to legislation and regulations are to government websites.

Don’t put your business at risk – get up to speed on Canada’s franchise laws now.

Franchise Legislation Links

Comparative Chart of Franchise Legislation in Canada
Analysis of ULCC Model Franchises Act
Analysis of ULCC Model Franchises Act Regulations

Alberta Franchise Act
Alberta Franchises Regulation
Franchises Act Exemption Regulation


British Columbia Franchises Act Regulations
British Columbia Franchises Act
British Columbia Law Institute (BCLI) Franchise Act Project
CFA response to BCLI consultation paper
CFA response to BC Government regarding potential franchise legislation (dated January 28, 2015)
Arthur Wishart Act (Franchise Disclosure), 2000
Ontario Franchise Disclosure Regulations
Bill 102 – An Act to Amend the Arthur Wishart Act (Franchise Disclosure), 2000
Letter to Ontario MPPs regarding Bill 102 (dated Sept 21, 2010)
Business Law Advisory Council Fall 2016 Report on Business Law Reforms
CFA’s Submission to Business Law Advisory Council on Ontario Business Law Reforms
Manitoba Franchises Act (Bill 15)
Amendments Adopted at Report Stage
Manitoba Franchises Act (Bill 15) Regulations
Manitoba Government Media Release on Manitoba Franchises Act
Manitoba Law Reform Consultation Paper on Franchise Law

CFA Response to Consultation Paper
Public Consultation on Manitoba Franchises Act Regulation
CFA Response Letter to Draft Manitoba Franchises Act Regulations

New Brunswick Franchises Act
New Brunswick Disclosure Document Regulation – Franchises Act
New Brunswick Mediation Regulation – Franchises Act
Consultation Paper on Regulations under the Franchises Act, April 2009
CFA Response to Consultation Paper
CFA Supplementary Response – August 20, 2009

Franchises Act
Franchise Act Regulations


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