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The Ontario Changing Workplaces Review: Impact on Franchising

Special Panel Presentation Video

Ontario’s labour and employment laws are under review for changes that could be devastating to franchising in Canada. It is important that you become informed about the issues and involved in the process to protect your business, whether you are a franchisor or a franchisees.

The Ontario Changing Workplaces Review Interim Report contains a number of policy change proposals that would negatively impact the franchise business model.

The most dangerous threat to franchisors and franchisees is “joint-employer status”.

The following videos provide you with in-depth information and analysis to help you understand the financial, operational, and legal damage that franchisors and franchisees may face as well as how you can become involved in CFA’s lobbying efforts.

Overview of Changing Workplaces Review Impact on Franchising (2 min.)

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