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Get the latest news about CFA members, including which franchises are expanding and where, which systems are winning industry accolades and what new promotions and events are coming to a city near you.

Introducing Famoso Pizzeria + Bar: Famoso Inc. celebrates 10 years with new brand identity and mission to create social gathering spaces

Famoso Inc. is celebrating 10 years and 30 restaurant locations with a new brand identity and mission to create social gathering spaces. All franchises moving forward will be known as Famoso Pizzeria + Bar, the culmination of the brand’s evolution since launching as Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria in 2007.
Read more >> ready for international stage, says CEO believes the international real estate market is broken and after 18 years of building the world's largest private sale real estate franchise network, they are ready to take their model global. The Canadian-based company has solved a 100+ year real estate challenge – paying hefty commissions to real estate agents, not based on value, but on a percentage of the home seller's price.

Famoso Inc. announces grand opening of 30th location in Regina, Saskatchewan

Famoso Inc., based in Vancouver, British Columbia, today announced the grand opening of Famoso Pizzeria + Bar Eastgate in Regina, Saskatchewan, their 30th franchised location. This is the third Regina Famoso location to open in the last two years, and the second since Famoso Inc. unveiled its new brand identity as Famoso Pizzeria + Bar.

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