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CFA News and Media Releases 2015

The Franchise Show catalyst for entrepreneurs under 30 seeking opportunities to be the boss

Build a strong business model and millennials will come. This has proven to be the case for the Canadian franchise industry over the past few years. With the franchise industry paving the way for millennials (defined as anyone under 30 years old) looking to break into the entrepreneurial circuit, more than 30 per cent of prospective franchisees are under the age of 35, meaning most are considered millennials, according to an attendee survey from The Franchise Show, the official show of the Canad

Millennials turn to franchises for business opportunities

Millennials with an entrepreneurial bent are choosing franchises as an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of business without having to reinvent the wheel. Jose Miguel Aguila was just 24 when he opened his first Booster Juice location in a Toronto suburb as a franchisee. Now 27, he own three locations across the Greater Toronto Area.

Millennials Find Success in Franchising

With many new graduates struggling to find traditional employment, it’s no surprise that more and more young people are looking to become franchise business owners. In fact, based on data collected from franchise searches on and on-site surveys from The Franchise Show, 30 per cent of prospective franchisees are between the ages of 18 and 34, making millennials the second largest age group looking for franchises in Canada.

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