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CFA Franchise Law Day Concurrent Session Spotlight: “Conscious Uncoupling”

CFA Franchise Law Day Concurrent Session Spotlight

The franchise relationship is unique, and in many ways like a marriage. At the outset, all parties are hopeful and excited for a long-term commitment. Unfortunately, however, many franchise relationships end.

Listen as Carly Cohen, from Cassels Brock & Blackwell, and Stephanie Sugar, from McCarthy Tetrault LLP, breakdown why their session, “Conscious Uncoupling”: Managing the Franchise Relationship from Beginning to End, is a must-attend for all franchisors. Register Now!

4 Reasons Why Franchise Law Day is a Must-Attend Event!

4 Reasons Why Franchise Law Day is a Must-Attend Event!

1. You’ll Protect Your Business – To ensure your business remains viable you must be compliant with laws and regulations. The CFA Franchise Law Day was designed to help businesses like yours, minimize legal risk to keep operations running smoothly.

2. You’re Business Will Stay Current – You’ll hear from and network with Canada’s top legal lawyers and experts, who will give you the inside scoop on the need-to-know legal topics and trends. Listen as Carly Cohen, from Cassels Brock & Blackwell, and Stephanie Sugar, from McCarthy Tetrault LLP, breakdown why their session, “Counscious Uncoupling”: Managing the Franchise Relationship from Beginnning to End, is a must-attend for all franchisors. 

3. It’s Convenient – In just one day you will get up to speed on all the latest legal requirements and still have plenty of time to connect with like-minded peers.

4. You’ll Find Business Solutions Easily – From legal challenges posed by the rise of technology to franchisee relations, every session will breakdown relevant business issues and provide practical solutions you can immediately implement into your system. 

Register Now!

CFA Brings #FranchiseAwareness to Queen’s Park

On April 2nd, the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) brought our Franchise Awareness Day to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in Queen’s Park, helping to raise awareness about Canada’s $100 billion (and growing) franchise industry. Over 20 leading CFA member franchisors connected with Ontario politicians to highlight the significance of the franchising industry and the positive impact it has made on the Canadian and Ontario economy.

From Caucus meetings to one-on-one meetings to our cocktail reception, it was a day marked by connection, education, and empowerment. Together, our participating members were able to express the ongoing role franchising has played in their lives and Ontario’s local communities. Thank you to all our members who participated in Franchise Awareness Day and to the Members of Provincial Parliament (MPP’s) who took meetings with us.

Scroll down to see some photos from the day!

From left to right: David Collier (Prep ‘n Sell), Stephen Schober (Metal Supermarkets), Laurie Scott, Minister of Labour, Sherry McNeil (Canadian Franchise Association), and David Black (Canadian Franchise Association).


From left to right: Todd Smith, Economic Development Minister, Sherry McNeil (Canadian Franchise Association), and Clark Harrop (McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada).

From left to right: David Black (Canadian Franchise Association), Jane McKenna, Parliamentary Assistance to the Minister of Labour, Sherry McNeil (Canadian Franchise Association), and David Druker (The UPS Store).


From left to right: Chris Milthorpe (Fairhart Productions), Sherry McNeil (Canadian Franchise Association), Jeff Yurek, Minister of Transportation, Gary Prenevost (FranNet Canada), and Kenny Chan (Canadian Franchise Association).


Ruthie Burd of The Lunch Lady and Michelle Burton, Qozen Yoga & Well-Being Studio.


From left to right: Craig Touchie (Great Clips), Sherry McNeil (Canadian Franchise Association), Vic Fedeli, Ontario Finance Minister, Doug Downey, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Finance, and Andrew Arminen (Metal Supermarkets).

CFA Announces Winners of the 2019 Awards of Excellence in Franchising

Inspiration Learning Center and Driverseat Inc. receive Top Honours at the CFA Awards Gala

The Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) is pleased to announce the Traditional (those with bricks and mortar locations) and Non-Traditional Grand Prize (those that are mobile or home-based) winners of the 2019 CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising are Inspiration Learning Center and Driverseat Inc., respectively. CFA awards two separate Grand Prizes to reflect the range of franchise opportunities on the market.

“Franchising in Canada is very diverse, ranging from children’s education franchises like Inspiration Learning Center to home-based service franchises like Driverseat Inc.,” says Sherry McNeil, CFA President & CEO. To reflect this diversity, and to ensure participating franchise systems are being rated against their peers, the CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising program includes seven categories and two Grand Prizes.

Considered the pinnacle of franchise achievement in CanadaCFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising are given annually to franchise systems having demonstrated superior franchise relations, leadership, training and communications. The Grand Prizes were presented at the Awards Gala dinner during the 2019 CFA National Convention in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

“The CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising celebrates the best of Growing Together™ and the symbiotic partnership between franchisor and franchisees,” McNeil continues. “Regardless of the size or concept, a strong relationship between the franchisor and franchisees is vital to a franchise system’s success. We congratulate Inspiration Learning Center and Driverseat Inc. for their achievements – they’ve demonstrated they are the very best in Canadian franchising in 2019.”

This year, over 70 CFA-member franchise brands participated in the CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising program. Sponsored by CFA and administered by the Portage Group, a third-party research firm, the winning franchise systems were determined based on the results of a survey completed by participating brands’ franchisees about their experiences and levels of satisfaction with the system.

Entries were separated into Traditional Franchises and Non-Traditional Franchises. Within these categories, entrants were grouped based on their number of franchisees.

These categories reflect the diversity of franchising and the spectrum of franchise opportunities available in today’s market.

New this year, CFA introduced the Franchisee of the Year Award recognizing top-performing franchisees for their unique accomplishments and excellence in business performance, community service, and brand involvement. Subway Restaurants’ multi-unit franchisee, Kelly-Anne Pelley from Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador received the gold in the Traditional category and TWO MEN AND A TRUCK’s franchisees, Paul Bimm & Lyne Vincent from Ottawa, Ontariowere gold winners in the Non-Traditional category.

“This is a monumental moment for CFA and its members because we’re celebrating the successes of franchisees for the first time,” says Sherry McNeil, CFA President & Chief Executive Officer. “We congratulate Kelly-Anne PellyPaul Bimmand Lyne Vincent.”

Separated into Traditional and Non-Traditional Franchises, winners for the Franchisee of the Year Award were determined by CFA’s Education Advisory Committee based on the strength of the participating entrants’ award submissions.

The 2019 CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising winners are:

The 2019 CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising Grand Prize

Traditional Franchises: Inspiration Learning Center | Non-Traditional Franchises: Driverseat Inc.

Traditional Franchises

6-15 Franchises
Gold: Inspiration Learning Center – Tutoring and Private School
Silver: Lice
Bronze: Sweet Jesus

16-29 Franchises
Gold: Symposium Café
Silver: White Spot Restaurants
Bronze: THE TEN SPOT Beauty Bar

30-99 Franchises
Gold: Triple O’s
Silver: FASTSIGNS International, Inc.
Bronze: UCMAS Mental Math Schools

100+ Franchises
Gold: Pizza Nova Take Out Ltd.
Silver: A&W Canada
Bronze: Oxford Learning Centres

Non-Traditional Franchises

6-15 Franchises
Gold: Driverseat Inc. 
Silver: Pop-A-Lock
Bronze: Metropolitan Movers

16-29 Franchises
Gold: Restoration 1 Canada
Bronze: Right at Home Canada

30+ Franchises
Gold: Paul Davis Restoration Canada
Silver: PuroClean
Bronze: WP Creations

The 2019 CFA Franchisee of the Year Award Winners are:

Non-Traditional Franchises

Gold: Paul Bimm & Lyne Vincent – Ottawa, Ontario, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK
Silver: Spencer Janke – Edmonton, Alberta, Elite Trade Painting
Silver: Kelsi Ashley & Erin Levesque – Sudbury, Ontario, MOLLY MAID Canada

Traditional Franchises

Gold: Kelly-Anne Pelley – Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador, Subway Restaurants
Silver: Mark Mebs – Victoria, British Columbia, BeaverTails
Bronze: John Lockyer – Orangeville, Ontario, Dairy Queen

For more information about the CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising, visit

About the Canadian Franchise Association

The Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) helps everyday Canadians realize the dream of building their own business through the power of franchising. CFA advocates on issues that impact this dream on behalf of more than 750 corporate members and over 40,000 franchisees from many of Canada’s best-known and emerging franchise brands. Beyond its role as the voice of the franchise industry, CFA strengthens and develops franchising by delivering best-practice education and creating rewarding connections between Canadians and the opportunities in franchising. Canadian franchises contribute over $100 billion per year to the Canadian economy and create jobs for more than 1.9 million Canadians. Learn more at or

SOURCE Canadian Franchise Association

For further information: Media Contact: Lisa Raffaele, Fishman Canada, | (647) 837-1265

Congratulations to the CFA’s 2019 Recognition Award Winners!

The Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2019 Recognition Awards!

Honouring individuals and CFA member companies for their outstanding achievements, philanthropic endeavours, and contributions to the Canadian franchise community, these awards showcase those committed to enhancing franchising in Canada by Growing Together™.

With the addition of the new Distinguished Franchise Support Services/Supplier Award, a total of six Recognition Awards will be handed out at the Awards Gala Presentation Dinner on Monday, April 8, during the 28th annual CFA National Convention in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Learn more about the winners below and register today for the CFA National Convention, April 7-9!


CFA Hall of Fame Award

Recipient: Choice Hotels

For 25 years, Choice Hotels Canada has been one of the highest occupied franchised accommodation chains in Canada, with over 5 million guests staying at one of its 325 locations each year. Located in all provinces and over 80% of Canada’s largest communities, Choice Hotels is undoubtedly a valued asset for millions of Canadians, in large part because of its franchisees.100% franchise owned and operated, guests can expect great service, quality accommodation, and a consistent customer experience at any of the properties in Canada, as well as 6,900 Choice hotels in more than 40 countries. With some of the best known hotel brands in the nation, Choice Hotels Canada has left an indelible mark on the Canadian franchising industry.


CFA Volunteer Leadership Excellence Award

Recipient: Tony O’Brien, TruShield Insurance

Since 2014, Tony O’Brien has been the Executive Vice President of TruShield Insurance, a role that is focused on developing insurance solutions that effectively allow Canadian entrepreneurs and small businesses to be successful and minimize risk. He is also the Chair of the Canadian Franchise Association’s Franchise Support Services and Supplier Committee. For years, Tony has dedicated his time and resources to advancing the franchising community. In fact, Tony has played a key role in numerous CFA events. He’s also responsible for helping a range of professionals in the franchising industry, offering the best learning and training when possible. His deep involvement and continuous support of the franchise community has helped shape the CFA, and the franchising community at large.



CFA Outstanding Corporate Citizen Award

Recipient: Pacini

Pacini doesn’t just serve delectable Italian cuisine. For more than 30 years, this restaurant has served people. Operating under the belief in the collective power of individuals to make a difference in the community, Pacini developed a program called “Pour l’amour des gens” which means “For the love of the people.” Today, Pour l’amour des gens supports 25 organizations and has raised nearly $350,000 to benefit various initiatives. Through its commitment to prioritizing people, Pacini is doing more than just feeding mouths. Pacini is feeding the hearts, minds and souls of people across the country.



Diversity and Inclusion Champion Award

Recipient: Inspiration Learning Center

One of the largest and fastest-growing tutoring centers in the Greater Toronto Area, Inspiration Learning Center, Tutoring and Private School is led by Director and Founder, Angel Kuang. A first-generation immigrant, Kuang is a fully-qualified educator who has fused both her Canadian and Chinese teaching experiences to not only help hundreds of students in diverse communities reach their full potential, but help entrepreneurs of all backgrounds (10 out of her 14 franchisees are women), who are passionate about education, achieve their dreams of success through franchising.


CFA Distinguished Franchise Support Services/ Supplier Award

Recipient: Reshift Media

The CFA’s ability to provide franchisors and franchisees premium educational and lead generation resources and support would not have been possible without Reshift Media’s outstanding contributions. For nearly seven years, this Canadian-based digital marketing company has worked closely with the CFA team to search optimize, redesign and market the CFA’s websites. Reshift is also an active member of the franchise community. You will often see the Reshift team at CFA events and they are very open about sharing their learnings and best practices with hundreds of other franchisors, franchisees and suppliers. For all these reasons, Reshift Media is recognized with our first-ever Distinguished Franchise Support Services/Supplier Award.


Lifetime Achievement Award

Recipient: Ronald Joyce

Ron Joyce was the iconic Canadian entrepreneur who, in 1964, invested in the first Tim Hortons donut shop in Hamilton, Ontario and then grew the business into one of the most successful food service chains in the world. Soon after the passing of his business partner, Tim Horton, Ron Joyce founded the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation to support disadvantaged children and youth. After selling his ownership of the company, he continued to personally support the well-being of children through his own foundation, The Joyce Family Foundation, which focuses on providing bursary funds to students looking to pursue a post-secondary education. Father, business owner and friend, Joyce’s spirit of generosity and unforgettable legacy will live on in the franchising community.

And the Finalists Are…

The results are in and the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) is excited to announce the finalists for the 2019 CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising and first-ever Franchisee of the Year!

Exclusively for CFA franchise system members, the Awards of Excellence is one of Canadian franchising’s biggest prize. Presented annually at the CFA’s National Convention, finalists are among a select few that have demonstrated the strongest and most mutually-beneficial relationships with their franchisees.

Finalists are grouped into seven categories based on the type of franchise – either traditional (those who operate a brick and mortar location) or non-traditional (those who operate a mobile or home based business) – and the number of franchisees. The winners from each category will than go on to become finalists for our two Grand Prizes – one for traditional franchises and one for non-traditional franchises!

Plus, for the first time this year, the CFA is excited to give out our Franchisee of the Year Award. Recognizing CFA member franchisees who have gone above and beyond for their franchise system, finalists have demonstrated excellence in business performance and community and brand involvement.

Franchisee of the Year finalists are grouped into two categories: one for traditional franchises and one for non-traditional franchises.

Check out the full Awards of Excellence and Franchisee of the Year finalists below and stay tuned for when the winners are announced on Monday, April 8, in Niagara Falls, Ontario!

Awards of Excellence 2019 logo

Awards of Excellence Finalists:

6-15 Franchisees Non-Traditional Franchises

Driverseat Inc.

Metropolitan Movers



6-15 Franchisees Traditional Franchises

Inspiration Learning Center – Tutoring and Private School


Sweet Jesus


16-29 Franchisees Non-Traditional Franchises

Restoration 1 Canada

Right at Home Canada



16-29 Franchisees Traditional Franchises

Symposium Café


White Spot Restaurants


30+ Franchisees Non-Traditional Franchises

Paul Davis Restoration Canada


WP Creations


30-99 Franchisees Traditional Franchises

FASTSIGNS International, Inc.

Triple O’s

UCMAS Mental Math Schools


100+ Franchisees Traditional Franchises

A&W Canada

Oxford Learning Centres

Pizza Nova Take Out Ltd.



Franchisee of the Year 2019 logo

Franchisee of the Year Finalists:


Non-Traditional Franchises

Spencer Janke – Edmonton, Alberta
Elite Trade Painting

Kelsi Ashley & Erin Levesque – Sudbury, Ontario

Paul Bimm & Lyne Vincent – Ottawa, Ontario


Traditional Franchises

Mark Mebs – Victoria, British Columbia

John Lockyer – Orangeville, Ontario
Dairy Queen

Kelly-Anne Pelley – Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador
Subway Restaurants


Be the first to know who the winners are! Register today for the 2019 CFA National Convention, April 7-9 in Niagara Falls, Ontario!

Get the Most Out of Your Convention!

  1. Plan Ahead – With so much to experience at the National Convention – including first-class educational sessions, keynotes, networking events and celebrations – planning out your three days is a must! Click here to access the agenda. 


  1. Build Strong Relationships – With over 500 attendees at the biggest event in franchising, this is the perfect time to cultivate new connections. Expert tip: Make sure you attend the social hub of the Convention, the Marketplace. 


  1. Learn Something New – Don’t skip out on sessions just because you think you’ve mastered the information! Whether you’re brand new to franchising or you’re already established you can always learn something new.


  1. Growing Together – The beauty of the National Convention is that you’ve got plenty of opportunities to talk with like-minded peers. Lead by experienced facilitators, when you join one of the 25 roundtable discussions you’ll have the chance to hash out your big problems, discuss solutions and get the answers to your most pressing questions!


  1. Celeberate – Reaching your business goals is important but taking the time to celebrate is critical. Don’t miss the Gala Awards dinner where we’ll announce the winners of the Franchisee of the Year Award, Awards of Excellence, Recognition Awards and Franchisees’ Choice Designation, before heading over to the always- legendary After-Party.


  1. Make use of what you learned – Convention doesn’t end when it’s over. Take what you learned and apply it. Follow up with the connections that you’ve made to make the whole experience worthwhile!

4 Ways to Finance Your Franchise

Opening a franchise requires a significant financial investment often including franchise fees and steep advertising costs. For some, who feel they may lack the financial assets to invest in a franchise, this can be quite daunting.

But it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road.

If you’ve found the right franchise fit, done your due diligence, and know that the franchise model can help you fulfill your business goals, there are four options you can explore to help finance your franchise. You can learn how Jon-Anthony Lui, a multi-unit franchise owner of Tutor Doctor, got the cash needed for his franchise on the Franchise Canada Chats Podcast:


  1. Personal Savings:

Probably the easiest and most cost-effective way to fund your franchise is through personal savings. The advantages here are that you’ll know exactly how much money you have to put towards your franchise, you won’t have to pay back any interest on a loan, and you’ll retain complete control. Just be sure you have enough money saved to minimize the risks of personal bankruptcy or debt.


  1. Bank Loans:

One of the top reasons to go this route is that you’re likely to get a loan as part of a well-reputed franchise than as an entrepreneur starting a business from scratch. But, before you approach a bank for a loan, make sure your credit is in good standing, all the required paperwork (i.e. tax returns, personal financial statements), and a solid business plan in place. It doesn’t hurt to shop around and talk to different institutions about your financing needs.


  1. Government programs:

As a prospective franchisees, you are eligible for a number of government programs so long as you thoroughly understand and meet their qualifications. Keep in mind that the government loan application process can be long, which means it’s worth carefully considering your qualifications for a seamless approval process.


  1. Borrowing from Friends and family:

Finally, you can always turn to family members and friends for funding. The benefit of this option is that you can agree on your own payment plan with family and friends. This is often a more flexible option, as sometimes you can adjust the plan if your financial situation changes. But ensure everything is in writing to avoid disagreements in the future.

Remember to weigh the pros and cons of each financing method. Find out which options Jon-Anthony Lui considered and used to fund his Tutor Doctor franchises on the Franchise Canada Chats Podcast.


Why Fitness Franchises are Booming

Fitness franchises have become extremely popular. In fact, franchise systems operating in the health and fitness sector have grown exponentially over the last five years. Over a five-year period, “Health and Fitness” franchise listings in Canada’s No. 1 franchise directory – – have seen a 35 per cent increase.

And it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

“Canadians today are taking charge of their health,” explains Steve Collette, co-founder and CEO of 3rd Degree Training and Actual Nutrition when asked why he believes health and fitness franchises are rapidly growing.

He discusses the growth of this growing franchise category in detail on the Franchise Canada Chats Podcast! You can listen to it here.


Here are a few reasons why Health and Fitness franchises are booming:


Canadians are becoming more health conscious

According to Stats Canada, more than 16.2 million Canadians aged 12 and over reported participating in at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity aerobic physical activity per week. A health and fitness franchise not only actively meets this demand, but also provides its franchisee with the reward of helping Canadians live a healthy lifestyle and reach their fitness goals.


There’s something for everyone

Gone are the days when gyms targeted only a small segment of the population. Nowadays, gyms are attracting more members thanks to an abundance of choice. Members can choose a low-budget gym and still get a good sweat in or they could opt for a smaller, more specialized boutique studio to meet their specific fitness goals. Plus, there are 24-hour fitness centres popping up nationwide to make going to the gym is a lot more convenient for today’s consumers.


Happy, healthy employees

More and more businesses are recognizing the benefits of a healthy workforce when it comes to the bottom line. Many employers are covering the costs of gym services and studios. This has become a great source of supplemental revenue for the fitness industry at large and it’s one of the reasons why this sector continues to thrive.


The benefits of a dues-based business

Whether it’s on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, membership fees and/or annual contracts give entrepreneurs a source of recurring revenue. Combined with non-dues revenue sources typically available at gyms, such as smoothie bars and activewear merchandise, a health club could prove to be a very profitable venture.

All these factors are the key reasons why the demand for fitness franchises is so strong. Losing no stamina anytime soon, it’s definitely an exciting time be in the health and fitness franchise business!

You can learn more about the exciting opportunities in the health and fitness industry on the Franchise Canada Chats Podcast!

New Year, New Franchise Opportunities with Franchise Canada

Another year has come to an end and as we say good-bye to 2018 and hello to 2019, it’s time for you to follow your dreams, take a leap of faith, and pursue your personal and professional goals. If 2019 is the year you decide to invest in your dream franchise, the January/February issue of Franchise Canada is a must-read!

The Canadian Franchise Association’s (CFA) annual Trends Issue is officially online and on newsstands across the country, which means everything you need to know about the future of Canadian franchising is one click away. And if our 2019 Franchise Trends Report cover story is any indication, the year ahead looks bright for entrepreneurs, as 2019 is set to offer prospective franchisees a diverse range of exciting new investment opportunities.

In our Trends Report, Franchise Canada breaks down the four franchise sectors that have experienced the most growth over the last five years, setting them up for success in 2019 and making them ideal investment opportunities for Canadians ready to be in business for themselves but not by themselves.

Plus, our Trends Issue features not one, not two, but three Franchise Canada TV interviews with, CleanQuip, and Spiritleaf. And that’s not all!

Watch behind the scenes video content with Tutor Doctor franchisees as they explain why community involvement is vital for small business owners in our Giving Back feature. Click here to watch all videos from this issue.

Additional highlights of the January/February Issue include:

Franchising Heroes

Military personnel and franchise owners have more in common than you think. Hear from three veterans of the Canadian Forces who share the core values that helped them succeed in both careers.

Canada’s Green Rush

The Cannabis Act now means Canadians can legally possess, consume, and grow recreational cannabis. Take a look at three cannabis-based franchise systems looking to grow through franchising.

Do You Have What it Takes to Succeed as a Franchisee?

Are you ready to become a best-in-class franchisee? Get an exclusive look at the top 10 traits of the most successful franchise partners and learn how you can stand out from the competition.

Let’s Get Digital

What two franchises are making a name for themselves online? Bloomtools Canada and WSI Digital are pioneering new age concepts, one click at a time.

You can start reading the January/February issue of Franchise Canada online now. So, get your reading glasses on and get ready to learn about the best investment opportunities available to you in 2019!

Spotlight on Mentorship: Lice



If you want an honest opinion about the benefits of the Canadian Franchise Association’s (CFA) Zor-2-Zor: Franchise Coach in Your Corner mentoring program, just ask Lice Founder, Dawn Mucci.

The franchisor of the Canadian lice removal franchise has a unique experience with the program seeing that she has participated as both a mentee and a mentor.

“Participating in the program first as a mentee and then as a mentor has provided me with a wealth of valuable education and has allowed me to give back to an industry I am passionate about,” Mucci says.

The free, volunteer-driven service pairs new CFA members with established franchisors within the Association. New franchisors looking to grow their business and find long-term success receive first-hand guidance and support from some of the franchise industry’s most successful leaders.

For their part, mentors have an opportunity to “pay-it-forward” by sharing knowledge to those new to the industry, helping to promote franchise excellence in the process.

“Helping another franchisor navigate the road of building a franchise is very rewarding, but what ends up happening is you learn more from your mentee than you ever anticipated,” says Mucci. “You form a mutually beneficial relationship and long term trust and you truly teach one another.”

Both mentees and mentors expand their network by connecting with other franchise professionals, gain new ideas and insights by discussing experiences and challenges with one another, and help to strengthen the franchise industry by sharing and learning best practices.

Today, with over 25 franchise units, Lice is expanding across the country and Dawn Mucci can give some credit to Zor-2-Zor for helping her learn more about the industry.

“Being a franchisor is not a solo sport nor should it be,” she says. “The more you give and the more you help others, the better you become and the more you learn. I highly recommend throwing your hat in the ring to mentor in this program, and if you are new to franchising, use this program to find a mentor. It’s very beneficial and time well spent.”

CFA’s Zor-2-Zor: Franchise Coach in Your Corner is a free program that pairs new or emerging CFA members with established members for one-on-one coaching. Click here to find out how you can sign up as a mentor or mentee or complete the form below to receive more information.

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Utesh Charan, Gorilla Property Services

Monkey Business: Entrepreneur Finds Success with Gorilla Property Services

From where small business owner Utesh Charan is standing, the future of franchising looks bright. On a typical day, the Gorilla Property Services franchisee can be found outside in the sun, tackling some of the biggest property maintenance tasks around.

For someone used to working inside, working outdoors is definitely a perk that brightens Charan’s day.

But even when the weather is less than optimal, Charan never backs down from the chance to also brighten the day of his customers. In sun, rain or snow, he can be counted on to show up and take care of his clients’ property management needs.

It’s this tough mindset that attracted Charan to Gorilla Property Services in the first place. “As a Gorilla franchisee you’ve got to be tough. It says so in the name – Gorilla.”

From the moment the beloved “monkey” truck powers down the street, clients know they’ll receive the highest quality of care, whether that’s in pressure washing, gutter cleaning, or roof cleaning services.

And franchisees, like Charan, are not only proud of consistently delivering those kinds of services, but are grateful for the financial security that comes along with being part of a reputable franchise system.

“I love the return of investment,” Charan notes cheerfully, “I credit the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) for helping me to get started.”

Finding Success with Canada’s #1 Franchise Directory

Sometimes all you need to propel yourself into success is the right franchise opportunity.

And it often begins with leveraging the right kinds of tools. Tools like Canada’s number one online directory –

It’s what Charan did. “I was looking for an opportunity where I could be my own boss and still be profitable,” he recounts. “So I decided to search on the CFA online directory, It wasn’t just any old site. It’s backed by credibility and it’s under a trustworthy umbrella.”

Fast forward one year later and Charan is still appreciative of his decision to search for a franchise using the CFA online directory. He gets to be part of Gorilla Property Services – an opportunity that generates profits with the added bonus of the independence and support he’s longed for.

His advice to others looking for a similar opportunity: “There is no substitute for hard work. With hard work and determination, I believe anyone can find success and be part of a rewarding franchise like Gorilla Property Services.”

Roll out the Red Carpet for Franchise Canada’s Franchising Excellence Issue

You could say the latest issue of Franchise Canada is award-worthy! Our annual Franchising Excellence issue is now available online and on newsstands across the country and with an exclusive look at this year’s Awards of Excellence winners, it’s one you don’t want to miss.

We’re giving you a rundown of the strongest brands in the industry from the CFA’s 2018 Grand Prize winners to this year’s Franchisees’ Choice Designees. And the celebration doesn’t stop there!

Our cover story on Mr. Lube honours the Canadians brands’ 2018 Franchisees of the Year. Find out what Rick Spindor and Keith Wickens have to say about winning the coveted award and get tips on how you can be next year’s Franchisee of the Year.

And new to this issue, we’ve launched Franchise Canada TV. Get behind the scenes franchising content with exclusive interviews featured in Franchise Canada Magazine. In our first episode, we speak with Peter Rakovalis, Mr. Lube’s Director of Franchise Development. Watch the interview below and read the entire cover story here.

Check out more features from the November/December issue including:

Franchising with Heart

Discover which systems are doing their part to help the community with a business model focused on senior and homecare services.

Do You Have What it Takes to Succeed as a Franchisee?

Determination and passion are just two qualities any prospective franchisee should have before taking the leap into business ownership. Here, we break down the top 10 traits any best-in-class franchisee should bring with them on the job.

Special Franchise Focus: Quick Service Restaurants

Get the facts on the Canadian QSR sector, featuring Fatburger, Pizza Pizza, Mr. Greek and more!

The latest issue of Franchise Canada is available online now. So, roll out the red carpet, get ready to celebrate franchising in 2018 and be inspired to achieve entrepreneurial success!

Q&A with Little Kickers Canada

In 2018, Little Kickers won the CFA’s Awards of Excellence Grand Prize for non-traditional franchise system. Awarded once a year, the Grand Prize recognizes franchise systems with strong, mutually beneficial relationships with their franchisees.

Watch our exclusive interview with Little Kickers Canada CEO, Frank Stanschus, to get his thoughts on winning the award, why it’s critical to provide comprehensive training and support to franchisees, and what he would tell franchisors who want to improve their franchisee relationships. Click here to read our full Q&A!

Take a Bite out of Franchise Canada’s Annual Food Issue

Immerse yourself in one of Canada’s largest and fastest growing industries in the September/October 2018 issue of Franchise Canada. Now available for free online and on newsstands across the country, our annual Food Issue is the perfect read for any prospective franchisee who loves to dine.

From quick service and fast casual to full service restaurants, we have everything you need to know about the food industry including an in-depth guide on the various food-related franchise models you can invest in.

Of course, before investing in a franchise you have to do your due diligence. Find out what you need to take into account before entering the food sector with tips from franchise consultant Gary Prenevost and other experts in the field including, Shoeless Joe’s President Frank Lopreiato, and Grinner’s Food Systems Vice-President of Franchising and Development, Guy Gallant.

Check out other highlights in the issue below:

Global Franchise Flavours: Take a trip to Mexico, France, Greece and Japan in a special feature on franchise systems serving Canadians cuisine from around the world

Excellence in Franchising: Celebrate the 2018 Awards of Excellence Grand Prize winners, Little Kickers and Symposium Café. Find out why fostering franchisee relationships is key for these systems and how it led to their franchise success.

Ultimate Guide to Buying a Franchise: Start your franchise search with our informative introduction to the franchising world. Learn franchise basics and have your most pressing questions answered.

Visit FranchiseCanada.Online to read the latest articles from the September/October issue today!

You Should Attend a Franchise Your Business Seminar If…

The Canadian Franchise Association’s (CFA) renowned Franchise Your Business seminar returns this fall, making stops in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver!
Designed to help you expand your business using the franchise business model, the Franchise Your Business seminar is a must-attend event for any entrepreneur looking for long-term success. So, how do you know if you should attend a seminar? Read on for the answer and register for a seminar in a city near you!

  • You want to start your own business

The Franchise Your Business seminar isn’t just for established business owners. If you have a great idea and want to learn more about what next steps you should take, we’ve got you covered! Seminar speakers include consultants, lawyers, financial representatives, and experienced franchisors, all equipped with the information you’ll need to turn your idea into a reality.

  • You’re a new start up franchisor

If you’ve recently started franchising your business but are still looking for efficient and long-term growth strategies, the Franchise Your Business seminar is where you need to be. We’ll teach you franchising fundamentals, including how to structure a franchise deal, establish creative marketing tactics to attract quality franchisees, determine your franchise fees and investment costs, and more!

  • You have a business you want to grow

With an established and successful business already in place, there’s no better time than now to expand across the country and abroad! Franchising is a viable option for entrepreneurs looking to grow efficiently and cost-effectively. After attending this seminar, you’ll know if your business can be franchised, get first-hand advice from experienced franchisors who have seen it all, and learn how you can avoid potential pitfalls.

  • You have future expansion plans

Even if you’re not ready to grow your business just yet, attending the Franchise Your Business seminar is the first step you should take as you plan future expansion. Our speakers are pros in their fields and networking with them will come in handy when you do decide to make the leap into franchising.
Upcoming Seminars:
Monday, September 17
Thursday, October 18
Monday, November 5
Click here to learn more and to register.
Unable to attend a live seminar? The valuable content from our Franchise Your Business seminars is now available on-demand so you can learn how to franchise your business at any time! Click here to register.

Vous devez participer au séminaire Franchisez votre entreprise si…

Le reconnu séminaire Franchisez votre entreprise de l’Association canadienne de la franchise (ACF) revient cet automne, s’arrêtant à Montréal, Toronto et Vancouver!
Conçu afin d’aider l’expansion de votre entreprise grâce au modèle d’affaires de la franchise, le séminaire Franchisez votre entreprise est un événement incontournable pour tout entrepreneur recherchant le succès à long terme! Donc, comment savez-vous si vous devez participer au séminaire? Lisez la réponse ci-dessous et enregistrez-vous pour un séminaire dans une ville près de chez vous!

  • Vous désirez lancer votre propre entreprise

Le séminaire Franchisez votre entreprise n’est pas seulement pour les propriétaires d’entreprises établies. Si vous avez une belle idée et désirez en savoir plus sur les prochaines étapes à prendre, nous avons ce qu’il faut! Les conférenciers au séminaire comprennent des consultants, des avocats, des représentants financiers et des franchiseurs expérimentés. Ils sont tous équipés de l’information nécessaire afin de transformer votre idée en une réalité.

  • Vous êtes un nouveau franchiseur en démarrage 

Si vous avez récemment commencé à franchiser votre entreprise mais recherchez toujours des stratégies de croissance efficaces et à long terme, le séminaire Franchisez votre entreprise est où vous devez être. Nous vous enseignerons concernant les notions de base du franchisage, y compris comment structurer une offre de franchise, établir des tactiques créatives de marketing afin d’attirer des franchisés de qualité, déterminer vos frais de franchise et coûts d’investissement et plus encore!

  • Vous avez une entreprise à faire croître

Avec une entreprise établie et ayant du succès déjà en place, c’est le temps ou jamais de la faire croître à travers le pays et à l’étranger! Le franchisage est une option viable pour les entrepreneurs recherchant une croissance efficace et rentable. Après participation à ce séminaire, vous saurez si votre entreprise peut être franchisée, vous recevrez des conseils pratiques de franchiseurs expérimentés qui ont déjà passé par là, et vous apprendrez comment éviter les embûches potentielles.

  • Vous avez des plans futurs d’expansion

Même si vous n’êtes pas toujours prêt faire croître votre entreprise pour le moment, participer au séminaire Franchisez votre entreprise est la première étape à prendre alors que vous planifiez l’expansion future. Nos conférenciers sont des professionnels dans leurs champs de travail et faire du réseautage avec eux deviendra pratique lorsque vous décidez de faire le saut dans le monde du franchisage.
Séminaires à venir :

Lundi 17 septembre
Mardi 18 octobre
Lundi 5 novembre
Cliquez ici pour vous inscrire
Incapable de participer à un séminaire en personne? Le contenu de valeur de nos séminaires Franchisez votre entreprise est à présent disponible sur demande. Vous pouvez donc apprendre comment franchiser votre entreprise en tout moment! Cliquez ici pour plus d’informations.

Kevin McEachern, 3rd Degree Training | Actual Nutrition

A simple Google search in the middle of the night was all it took for Kevin McEachern to begin a career in an industry he loved. Having recently been laid off from his job in the hospitality sector, McEachern was in search of the next big thing and thought franchising would be right up his alley.

“I’ve always been fascinated with small business ownership,” McEachern says. “When I started researching the franchise business model, I became even more enamored with the concept. Use an established model, mitigate risks, and ease myself into owning a business with a template already in place – it just seemed like the best way to go.”

Bored one night while channel surfing, McEachern picked up his phone and Googled ‘nutrition franchises in Canada.’ One of the first results was the Canadian Franchise Association’s online franchise directory, In a matter of seconds McEachern was on the site looking at nutrition franchises expanding in the country. That’s when he came across 3rd Degree Training | Actual Nutrition.

Founded by Steve Collette in 2008, the Atlantic Canada franchise offers members seeking to improve their health a wide-range of fitness programs led by certified trainers. Coupled with a health program where nutrition fundamentals are taught and tailored to each individual’s needs by Registered Dietitians and Certified Nutritionists, the growing franchise has attracted Canadians throughout Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.

A health enthusiast himself, McEachern was drawn to the franchise for several reasons. Not only did it combine his passion for fitness and nutrition, but making a financial investment in the business was a feasible option.

“After you do some franchise research you realize you need a lot of free cash just for an initial investment,” he says. “3rd Degree’s franchise fees were not as cost prohibitive as I thought they would be. I realized that going into business with them would be very doable for me and that’s what got me from Point A to Point B.”

For McEachern, this meant going from a passive prospective franchisee to an active one. He completed the Information Request Form on 3rd Degree’s listing page to obtain additional information directly from the franchisor.

“I just typed in my info and pressed submit,” McEachern says. “I didn’t know what to expect but it took five minutes of my time. The next day I got an e-mail from Steve and we started having regular and serious conversations about me opening my own centre.”

Fast-forward to February 2017 and McEachern was opening his first location in Saint John, New Brunswick, joining the emerging franchise system as the sixth franchisee. And if you ask him why he decided to reach out to the franchise via, he’ll tell you it all came down to reputation.

“If I had just gone directly to 3rd Degree’s website, I would have had to trust that their information was factual,” he says. “When you show up on a third party site like the CFA’s, you know they are legitimate. gave me the feeling that this franchise was a reputable brand, and that first impression was worth everything!”

Pascal Quindipan, Gorilla Property Services

Sometimes the road to franchise success is long and winding. But for many, like Gorilla Property Services franchisee, Pascal Quindipan, even with a few bumps along the way, in the end it’s all worth it.

“I’m in a position where now I get to finally run my own hours and days. I get time to spend with my family.”

And that wasn’t always the case.

Taking a trip down memory lane, Pascal recalls where his journey all began: “I was in retail and worked nights and weekends for a number of years”, he lamented “Working at Telus I held a variety of positions, working my way up to management, before starting my own business.”

But as any startup owner will tell you, launching a business from scratch is fraught with risk.

And no one knows this better than Pascal. Just three years after opening the business he spent a considerable amount of time building, it all crumbled, taking down his dream of business ownership with it too.

“I took a couple of years off after that. I went back into telecommunications and then switched industries.”

For all intents and purposes, his move into business ownership seemed like a setback, a move in the wrong direction.

Until, that is, he attended the CFA’s Franchise Canada show.

Passion refueled, dream reignited, he set off for the Franchise Canada show in Vancouver, but this time he decided not to go it alone. With a ticket to Canada’s most credible franchise exhibition in hand, Pascal wanted to start a business for himself but by no means by himself.

“I started looking around for a franchise opportunity and ended up meeting into Mike Mutsaerts [Director of Franchise Development] from Gorilla Property Services.”

It was the turning point for Pascal; just three months later, he successfully achieved his dream of business ownership.

Success is often the result of taking a misstep in the right direction”- Al Bernstein

Celebrating a hard-earned milestone, a year has passed since Pascal found success as a Gorilla Property Services franchisee.

Now a typical day for the Richmond native can include anything from driving to a new site, working on a client’s property (while enjoying the beautiful weather), or managing a team of eager trainees.

It’s a business he couldn’t be happier to be a part of not only because it’s low-cost compared to other franchise investments but because he can benefit from being part of a system and drop off any mental baggage that comes with starting a business at the door.

“It’s not like I have to open the business, grow and go through that painful phase. Being in a franchise, it’s already up and running and the support from head office is already there.”

Today, Pascal not only gets to be his own boss, he gets the freedom to be with the ones he loves the most. And while the journey was by no means easy, it’s clear that franchising can provide a path to success that, in the end, makes it all worth it.

Malika Rezgani, Lice

Malika Rezgani was working in a medical office in downtown Toronto when she decided to do some light reading during one of her downtimes. A rehab support worker at the time, Rezgani always dreamed of opening her own business via franchising, but with her busy schedule, could never find the right time to explore the opportunities available to her.

As fate would have it, the clinic where Rezgani worked subscribed to Franchise Canada.

“For me, starting my franchising career began by simply picking up the magazine and reading it,” she reflects.

Though franchising was always at the back of her mind, Rezgani’s interest in the business model resurfaced after reading an article on Lice Founder & CEO, Dawn Mucci.

Mucci founded Lice in 2001 after she recognized a growing number of concerned parents were in search of safe and chemical-free solutions to remove their children’s head lice. Today, Lice clinics can be found across the country, offering families natural and eco-friendly removal products and services.

Promising a stress free – and even fun – experience, Lice consultants and franchisees do more than remove the pesky bugs. Education is a key aspect of the business, as Mucci and her franchise partners have made it a priority to equip clients and the public with removal and prevention knowledge.

Rezgani was immediately impressed with the unique business model and its projected growth. More importantly, she knew a career with the franchise would be a perfect fit with her personal and professional qualities.

“As a Lice franchisee, you interact with people every day,” Rezgani says. “You’re not just going through the process of removing lice, you’re responsible for providing emotional support to clients who are stressed about their situation. I was conducting similar work as a support worker, so I knew I would be happy working with the franchise.”

Today, Rezgani is a multi-unit franchisee with Lice, having opened her first clinic in February 2017 covering the Hamilton and Burlington, Ontario regions. Only a few months later, her second location opened in Niagara.

Rezgani’s life as a small business owner has given her the freedom to manage her career independently while continuing her passion for working with people. And she says she can thank her on-a-whim decision to pick up Franchise Canada for all of it.

“Without Franchise Canada and the CFA I don’t know if I would have made the step towards franchising. I probably never would have discovered Lice!”


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Time to Act! Meet your MPP

Now that the election dust has settled, you may have a new Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) representing your riding. This is a critical time to start building relationships with those who represent your voice!

Unfortunately, many MPPs and members of government are still unaware of the complexities of the franchise industry. Meetings go a long way to help paint a picture of the everyday franchise owner.

Meeting with MPPs is one of the most critical advocacy activities available and can be a very powerful tool. It gives you an opportunity to connect with them directly and share real-life experiences of what owning a business and creating jobs means to you, your family and your community.

Inviting your MPP to visit your business will make the meeting that much more personal and memorable; creating the opportunity for them to meet your staff and understand the dynamics of your everyday life as a small business owner. Bringing a personal aspect to the relationship could make your MPP more likely to act on your behalf.

MPPs are interested in hearing from constituents and those actively involved in the community. By taking the time to meet with your local MPP, you’re demonstrating that franchisors and franchise owners are active members of the community who care to take the time to develop that relationship. This benefits not only yourself, but the community in which your business resides, and the franchising community as a whole.

Steps to Setting up a Meeting:

  1. Click here to confirm your MPP
  2. Email or call your MPP’s office and request a meeting
  3. Determine speaking notes

Sample Speaking notes:

Use this opportunity to explain who you are on a personal level and how it relates to the business. Why did you chose franchising? How does the business model help you and your community? Use the following sample speaking notes to lead you in the right direction:

  • “To give you some context about my business…”
    • Why did you choose the franchise model?
    • How many people does your franchise system employ?
    • What are the benefits of working for a franchisee within your brand?
    • Discuss your community involvement (i.e. donations, involvement in local Boards or Chambers)
  • “The Canadian franchise industry generates over $96 billion dollars annually, almost 5% of the entire economy of Canada”
    • In Ontario, the franchise industry contributes $49 billion to the GDP
  • “Franchising employs over 1.8 million Canadians, directly and indirectly”
    • In Ontario, the franchise industry generates over 900,000 people

Download CFA’s ‘Franchising in Ontario: Policy Briefing’ for more helpful information.

For help finding your MPP’s contact information or booking a meeting, contact David Black, Director, Government Relations & Public Relations at or call 1-800-665-4232 ext. 297..

2018 Golf Tournaments: Hit a Hole-In-One with these Top Networking Tips

Any good businessperson knows that networking is a key ingredient for success. Whether it’s forming partnerships with influential entrepreneurs, spreading your brand to target audiences, or learning effective business strategies from experts in the field, networking serves many purposes within the world of franchising.

Fortunately for you, the CFA’s upcoming Golf Tournaments are designed to connect you with franchise leaders across the country! Join us at one of three Golf Classics in BC, Ontario, and New Brunswick this June and come prepared with these hot networking tips.

Be On Time: Being late never looks good and never goes unnoticed. Show your reliability by arriving on time (registration opens at 9:00 for the Atlantic Golf Classic and 10:00 for the Pacific and Central Classics) and come early if you plan on meeting franchisees or clients.

Don’t Start The Day Talking Business: The Golf Classic is meant to be a fun, stress-free day in support of the CFA’s advocacy work! Acknowledge when business talk is and isn’t appropriate.

Put Your Guests First: If you’re inviting employees or clients, ask them what activities they want to participate in, and play to their comfort level. In addition to golf, additional sports and spa options are available at our Central Golf Classic.

Stay Engaged And Listen: It’s not all about you! Although you may be eager to talk about your business, make sure you listen to what others are offering. Engage, ask questions, and determine which systems would make for an ideal partnership.

Research: If you want to connect with a specific individual or franchise system, come prepared with questions you want to ask, and make sure you know their business inside and out. Trust us, they’ll be impressed!

Articulate Your Goals: Understand your business goals and be prepared to speak about where you are, where you’re headed, and what you hope to achieve in the future.

To learn more and to register, click on the links below:

Pacific Golf Classic
Thursday, June 7
Westwood Plateau Golf Club
Coquitlam, BC

Central Golf Classic
Thursday, June 12
Richmond Hill Golf Club
Richmond Hill, ON

Atlantic Golf Classic
Thursday, June 21
Royal Oaks Golf Course
Moncton, NB

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Lou Gervasi, Events Manager, at or 416-695-2896 Ext. 243.

Highlights from the 2018 CFA National Convention

From April 22-24, the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) welcomed franchise experts, inspirational keynote speakers, new and emerging franchisors, and hundreds of delegates from across the country as we hosted our 27th annual National Convention in Ottawa, Ontario!

Held at the Westin in the heart of the nation’s capital, this year’s festivities brought together the best of the best in Canadian franchising for three days of non-stop networking events, educational learning opportunities, and engaging presentations covering a range of pertinent franchise topics.

Day 1 kicked off with a special FSS/Supplier Forum hosted by TruShield Insurance’s Tony O’Brien. Along with an expert panel, O’Brien shared with franchise suppliers and support services providers how they can maximize the benefits of their CFA membership and network with top franchisors to achieve their business goals.

Next up was our high-demand Power Sessions where world-class franchise experts shared insightful knowledge on sales, marketing, business development, and management. It was a full house later in the afternoon for the Essential Legal Update. Moderated by a panel of some of Canada’s leading lawyers, franchisors learned about the latest legislative updates in Canada, how these changes could impact their businesses moving forward, and what they could do to mitigate potential challenges.

Delegates attend the Essential Legal Update on Day

New CFA members and first time Convention delegates were then treated to a special networking cocktail reception before learning more about the new CFA branding, purpose, and mission statement. The CFA’s Chair of the Board of Directors, John Wissent, and the 1st Vice Chair of the Board of Directors, John DeHart, were on deck to share with delegates the CFA’s new brand, created in partnership with the CFA Branding Committee and branding agency, Pigeon Brands.

The exciting unveiling was followed by the first Keynote Presentation of the Convention. Charlwood Pacific Group’s CEO & Chairman, U. Gary Charlwood, shared with delegates the inspiring story of how he worked his way up the corporate ladder before purchasing and growing Century 21 into one of Canada’s largest and most respected real estate organizations.

CEO & Chairman of Charlwood Pacific Group, U. Gary Charlwood, during his Keynote Presentation

The day ended with an informative presentation by the CFA’s Vice President of Government Relations & Public Policy, Ryan Eickmeier, and President & CEO, Lorraine McLachlan, on the release of the much-anticipated Economic Impact Study, followed by the Marketplace Opening Reception. Open throughout Convention, Marketplace exhibitors got to showcase their innovative franchise-related products and services with franchisors.

Sales expert Todd Cohen got the crowd laughing bright and early Monday morning with his engaging Keynote Presentation on how to build a sales culture in your organization. Using relatable anecdotes, Cohen used his own business experiences to keep delegates engaged and drive home the point that creating a “sales” culture is a must to find business success. Click here for a special thank you message from Todd!

Todd Cohen speaks to delegates during his Keynote Presentation

There were non-stop learning opportunities throughout the remainder of the afternoon as Roundtable Discussions, Concurrent Sessions, and a special Closed-Door CEO Session with Todd Cohen took place. Moderated by franchise experts from CFA’s membership, these sessions were a great way for delegates to learn more about a specialized topic, discuss challenges and opportunities they face in their businesses, and develop effective and efficient solutions with one another.

Convention attendees participate in Roundtable Discussions

The day ended with the most anticipated event of Convention…the Gala Awards Presentation Dinner! Co-hosted by’s Ken LeBlanc and Walter Melanson – who channeled Bob and Doug McKenzie from the “Great White North” – the night was filled with laughs and Canadian-themed jokes as attendees became true hosers for the evening.

Emcees Ken LeBlanc and Walter Melanson from

In-between the on-stage entertainment, franchising excellence was celebrated with the presentation of the 2018 Franchisees’ Choice Designation, Recognition Awards, and Awards of Excellence in Franchising.

Kumon Math and Reading Centres received the Hall of Fame Award in recognition of their outstanding business performance and unwavering commitment to educating children across the world.

The CFA’s Changing Workplaces Taskforce took home the Volunteer Leadership Excellence Award, while the Outstanding Corporate Citizen Award was presented to BioPed Footcare Centres for their work helping underprivileged communities through the Goodytwoshoes Foundation.

Former President & CEO of Mister Transmission, Randy Moore, took home the Lifetime Achievement Award for his 40-year career with the automotive franchise, while Ruthie Burd, founder of The Lunch Lady, took home the first-ever Diversity and Inclusion Champion Award.

From left to right: The team from BioPed, Peter Snell, John Wissent, Larry Weinberg, and Matthew Badrov of the CFA’s Changing Workplaces Taskforce, Hall of Fame winners Kumon, Ruthie Burd of The Lunch Lady, and Randy Moore

Next up, excellence in Canadian franchising was celebrated as Wise Cracks, Lice, Little Kickers, Symposium Café, Paul Davis Restoration, Triple O’s, and Pizza Nova took home Gold in their respective categories.

From left to right the teams from: Wise Cracks, Paul Davis Restoration, Pizza Nova, and Lice

Lorraine McLachlan took to the stage to present two of the Gold finalists with the coveted Grand Prize for Traditional and Non-Traditional Franchise Systems. For the second straight year, Symposium Café took home the Grand Prize for Traditional Franchise System, while Little Kickers won big for Non-Traditional Franchise System!

Traditional Grand Prize winner Symposium Café and Non-Traditional Grand Prize winner Little Kickers

The night wasn’t finished yet though, as the celebration continued at Lowertown Brewery in the ByWard Market for the After-Party.

The final day of Convention started with a buffet breakfast in the Marketplace followed by more Roundtable Discussions, Concurrent Sessions, and a Closed-Door CEO Session with Nurse Next Door and LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic co-founder, John DeHart.

DeHart was on stage later in the morning for the final Keynote Presentation where he shared with delegates how they could build a hyper growth brand from the inside out by developing a positive work culture.

John DeHart talks building a hyper growth brand the right way

The closing luncheon immediately followed the Keynote Presentation, followed by Franchise Awareness Day, where a group of Convention delegates headed over to Parliament Hill for a full day of meetings with Members of Parliament.

Thank you to all attendees, presenters, exhibitors, and sponsors for making this year’s Convention one to remember. We’ll see you next April in Niagara Falls!

Get Your Heart Pumping with the Beauty, Health & Wellness Issue of Franchise Canada

franchise canada magazine

Put your winter parkas in storage and get ready for the summer with the Beauty, Health & Wellness issue of Franchise Canada! Now available online and on newsstands across the country, the May/June issue is equipped with the franchise knowledge you to need to successfully start your career in the nutrition, fitness and health industries.

You can make this summer one to remember by investing in your dream franchise! The latest issue of Franchise Canada not only showcases the most exciting opportunities expanding across the country, we’re giving readers an inside look at what it takes to become a franchisee in our Ultimate Guide to Buying a Franchise in Canada feature!

Additional features in the May/June issue include:

The Heart of a Successful Franchise: Delve into the world of Orangetheory Fitness and see how this up and coming franchise is using its revolutionary workout regimes to recruit franchisees around the globe! 

Eye of the Beholder: Beauty salons are in high demand and popping up across the country. Take a look at four beauty franchises that have found their niche market and are using the franchise business model to partner with entrepreneurs as passionate about beauty as they are!

Picture of Good Health: Getting in shape means more than just breaking a sweat. In our Picture of Good Health feature, we showcase four food franchises offering Canadians flavourful and nutritional meal options including meat replacement proteins, plant-based menus, healthy beverages, and more!

Aging Gracefully: The home and senior care industry is more popular than ever and will continue to grow as Baby Boomers reach the age of 65. In our Aging Gracefully feature we take readers on a journey of five unique senior-focused systems helping Canadians from coast to coast.  

If you’re a gym junkie looking to turn your passion into a successful career, get your hands on Franchise Canada today! Visit Franchise Canada Magazine online to read articles from the May/June 2018 issue for free.

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Canadian Franchise Association Raises Awareness About Canada’s $96 Billion Franchise Industry

Top franchisors convene on Parliament Hill to share the latest statistics on franchising in Canada


TORONTO – April 25, 2018 – Yesterday, the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) convened on Parliament Hill to raise awareness about Canada’s $96 billion franchise industry during Franchise Awareness Day.

Armed with the latest numbers from the CFA’s Economic Impact Report, more than 75 franchise business leaders from across Canada met with politicians throughout the day to educate them about the franchise sector’s significant contribution to the Canadian economy and job creation.

According to the CFA’s Economic Impact Report:

  • Franchises contribute $96 billion per year to Canada’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), representing 5% of the Canadian economy
  • The Canadian franchise industry accounts for 1.5 million full-time equivalent jobs, and 1.8 million total jobs, representing $61 billion in household wages
  • Canadian franchises generate a total of $26 billion in tax revenue for the federal and provincial governments
  • Based on GDP, the Canadian franchise industry ranks 12th among the largest industry sectors in Canada

The first of its kind in Canada, the Economic Impact Report was published by the CFA in partnership with the Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis (CANCEA), a leading economic research organization.

“The numbers clearly show that franchising is an important economic driver in every province in Canada,” says Lorraine McLachlan, the CFA’s President and CEO. “Through Franchise Awareness Day, we want to ensure government understands the contributions franchising makes to the economy, and recognizes the vital importance of franchising in the lives of Canadians.”

Beyond the numbers, participating franchisors and franchisees also shared their own personal stories of how franchising empowered them to go into business for themselves, but not by themselves.

“Behind these figures are thousands of everyday Canadians who achieved their dreams of business success through franchising,” McLachlan continues. “Franchisees are the new mom-and-pop, and it’s their hard work and entrepreneurial spirit that helps drive the Canadian economy. That’s why it’s so important for franchise leaders to come together and share their stories through events like Franchise Awareness Day.”

To learn more about franchising in Canada, and to download a free preview of the Economic Impact Report, visit

About the Canadian Franchise Association
The Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) helps everyday Canadians realize the dream of building their own business through the power of franchising. CFA advocates on issues that impact this dream on behalf of more than 700 corporate members and over 40,000 franchisees from many of Canada’s best-known and emerging franchise brands. Beyond its role as the voice of the franchise industry, CFA strengthens and develops franchising by delivering best-practice education and creating rewarding connections between Canadians and the opportunities in franchising. Canadian franchises contribute over $96 billion per year to the Canadian economy and create jobs for more than 1.8 million Canadians. Learn more at or

Media Contact
Lisa Raffaele | (647) 837-1265 |

Canadian Franchise Association Announces Winners of the 2018 Awards of Excellence in Franchising

Symposium Cafe and Little Kickers Take Home Top Honours at the CFA Awards Gala

(Toronto, ON) April 24, 2018… The Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) is pleased to announce that the Traditional and Non-Traditional Grand Prize winners of the 2018 CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising are Symposium Cafe and Little Kickers, respectively. The CFA awards two separate Grand Prizes in its annual awards program to reflect the range of franchise opportunities in the market.

“Franchising in Canada is very diverse, ranging from home-based children’s sports franchises like Little Kickers to full-service restaurants like Symposium Cafe,” says Lorraine McLachlan, the CFA’s President and CEO. “To reflect this diversity, and to ensure that participating franchise systems are being rated against their peers, our awards program includes seven categories and two Grand Prizes.”

Considered the pinnacle of franchise achievement in Canada, the CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising are given annually to franchise systems that have demonstrated the strongest, most mutually rewarding relationships with their franchisees. The Grand Prizes were presented during a gala awards presentation dinner at the 27th annual CFA National Convention in Ottawa, Ontario.

“The CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising truly set a benchmark for franchises throughout Canada and we are honoured to present the awards to this year’s winners,” McLachlan continues. “No matter what size a franchise system is, or what format it takes, a solid relationship between franchisor and franchisee is vital to the system’s success. Symposium Cafe’s and Little Kickers’ strong results demonstrate they offer outstanding support to their franchisees.”

Open exclusively to CFA-member franchise systems who have been franchising for three years or more, the CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising recognize excellence in franchise operations. Winning systems must demonstrate a dedication to superior franchisee relations, leadership, business planning, marketing, training and support, ongoing operations and communications.

This year, more than 70 CFA-member franchise systems participated in the competition, setting a new record. The winning franchise systems were decided based on the results of a survey completed by participating franchisors and their franchisees about their experiences and levels of satisfaction with the system. The CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising is sponsored by the CFA and administered by the Portage Group, a third-party research firm.

Entries were separated into Traditional Franchises (those with brick and mortar locations) and Non-Traditional Franchises (those that are mobile or home based). Within these categories, entrants were grouped based on number of franchisees.

These categories reflect the wide range of franchise opportunities in today’s marketplace and create a more even playing field for the ranking of each entry.

The 2018 CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising winners are:

2018 CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising Grand Prize

Traditional Franchises: Symposium Cafe            Non-Traditional Franchises: Little Kickers

Traditional Franchises (i.e. bricks and mortar locations)

6-15 Franchisees

Gold: Lice   Silver: Inspiration Learning Center Bronze: THE TEN SPOT Beauty Bar

16-29 Franchisees

Gold: Symposium Cafe  Silver: Scholars Education Centre Bronze: White Spot Restaurants

30-99 Franchisees

Gold: Triple O’s   Silver: UCMAS Mental Math Schools Bronze (Tie): Speedpro Signs and Wendy’s Restaurants of Canada Inc.

100+ Franchisees

Gold: Pizza Nova Silver: A&W Food Services of Canada Bronze: Boston Pizza International Inc.

Non-Traditional Franchises (i.e. mobile, home-based, etc.)

6-15 Franchisees

Gold: Wise Cracks  Silver: Par-T-Perfect Party Planners Bronze: Heart to Home Meals

16-29 Franchisees

Gold: Little Kickers Silver: Restoration 1 Bronze: TWO MEN AND A TRUCK

30+ Franchisees

Gold: Paul Davis Restoration Inc.

Silver: Alair Homes Bronze: Home Instead Senior Care

For more information about the CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising, visit

About the Canadian Franchise Association The Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) helps everyday Canadians realize the dream of building their own business through the power of franchising. CFA advocates on issues that impact this dream on behalf of more than 700 corporate members and over 40,000 franchisees from many of Canada’s best-known and emerging franchise brands. Beyond its role as the voice of the franchise industry, CFA strengthens and develops franchising by delivering best-practice education and creating rewarding connections between Canadians and the opportunities in franchising. Canadian franchises contribute over $96 billion per year to the Canadian economy and create jobs for more than 1.8 million Canadians. Learn more at or

                                                                                    # # #

For media accreditation, more information, and/or to arrange an interview with Lorraine McLachlan, CFA President & CEO, or any of the award winners, please contact:

Lisa Raffaele

PUNCH Canada


Tel: (647) 837-1265




Canadian Franchise Association Announces 2018 Franchisees’ Choice Designees


(Toronto, ON) April 25, 2018… The Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) ( announced the recipients of the 2018 Franchisees’ Choice Designation last night at a gala awards presentation during the 27th annual CFA National Convention in Ottawa, Ontario. This is the eighth year for the annual awards program and, to recognize franchise systems that have been awarded the Franchisees’ Choice Designation multiple years in a row, CFA has introduced special 5, 6, 7 and 8-year logos that these companies can use to promote their consistent high marks from franchisees.

“The true strength of a franchise system lies in the mutually-rewarding relationship between a franchisor and its franchisees,” says Lorraine McLachlan, CFA President and Chief Executive Officer. “Being a Franchisees’ Choice designee is a high honour because the high rankings in franchisee satisfaction come directly from the franchisees themselves. To earn that honour year over year is especially significant because it shows that these recipients are consistently earning high marks from their franchisees.”

The Franchisees’ Choice designees are CFA member franchise systems who voluntarily took part in an independently-administered survey. Their franchisees were asked to rate the franchisor in key areas of the franchise business model, including leadership; business planning and marketing; training and support; ongoing operations; and the relationship between the franchisor and franchisee.

In the due diligence process of investigating a franchise opportunity, speaking with existing franchisees about the opportunity being explored is essential. For prospective franchisees, the Franchisees’ Choice Designation identifies that a franchise brand has received solid endorsement and ratings from its franchisees. The 2018 Franchisees’ Choice designees are representative of the spectrum of franchise opportunities and the diversity and excellence of CFA members.

Regardless of any awards or recognitions a franchise system may receive, CFA strongly recommends that prospective franchisees conduct thorough due diligence. CFA offers an array of products and events for prospective franchisees, including CFA’s official online franchise directory, FranchiseCanada magazine, the annual FranchiseCanada Directory and The Franchise Show, Canada’s largest franchise-only exhibition held across Canada.

For more information about the Franchisees’ Choice Designation program, visit


2018 CFA Franchisees’ Choice Designees

30 Minute Hit
9Round Franchising LLC
Alair Homes
BeaverTails (5-Year Designee)
Bin There Dump That
Bloomtools Canada
Boston Pizza (8-Year Designee)
Browns Socialhouse
CertaPro Painters (8-Year Designee)
Clintar Landscape Management
COBS Bread (8-Year Designee)
Comfort Keepers Canada (7-Year Designee)
Edo Japan (8-Year Designee)
FASTSIGNS (6-Year Designee)
Fire-Alert Mobile Extinguishers (5-Year Designee)
Heart to Home Meals
Hickory Dickory Decks
Home Instead Senior Care (8-Year Designee)
Inspiration Learning Centre
Instant Imprints (5-Year Designee)
Kumon Math and Reading Centres
Liberty Tax Service (8-Year Designee)
Lice (7-Year Designee)
Little Kickers (5-Year Designee)
Mary Brown’s Famous Chicken & Taters (8-Year Designee)
Metropolitan Movers Inc.
Mister Transmission
Mr. Souvlaki
Orangetheory Fitness
Oxford Learning
Oxygen Yoga and Fitness
Par-T-Perfect Party Planners Inc. (5-Year Designee)
Paul Davis Restoration
Pizza Nova (8-Year Designee)
Pizza Pizza (5-Year Designee)
Postcard Portables
Prep’n Sell
Print Three Franchising (5-Year Designee) Inc. (8-Year Designee)
PuroClean Canada (7-Year Designee)
Quesada Burritos and Tacos
Restoration 1
Ricky’s All Day Grill
Sangster’s Health Centres (8-Year Designee)
Scholars Education Centre
Speedpro Signs (6-Year Designee)
St. Louis Bar and Grill
Symposium Cafe Inc. (8-Year Designee)
Tan on the Run
The Lunch Lady
THE TEN SPOT® beauty bars
Triple O’s
TWO MEN AND A TRUCK (8-Year Designee)
UCMAS Mental Math Schools (8-Year Designee)
Villa Madina
Vin Bon
White Spot Restaurants (5-Year Designee)
Wise Cracks

# # #

About the Canadian Franchise Association
The Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) helps everyday Canadians realize the dream of building their own business through the power of franchising. CFA advocates on issues that impact this dream on behalf of more than 700 corporate members and over 40,000 franchisees from many of Canada’s best-known and emerging franchise brands. Beyond its role as the voice of the franchise industry, CFA strengthens and develops franchising by delivering best-practice education and creating rewarding connections between Canadians and the opportunities in franchising. Canadian franchises contribute over $96 billion per year to the Canadian economy and create jobs for more than 1.8 million Canadians. Learn more at or

Media Contact:
Lisa Raffaele
PUNCH Canada | (647) 837-1265

Canadian Franchise Association Announces Winners of the 2018 CFA Recognition Awards

Randy Moore of Mister Transmission to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

(Toronto, ON) April 9, 2018… The Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 CFA Recognition Awards. The awards will be presented during a gala awards presentation dinner on Monday, April 23 at the 27th annual CFA National Convention in Ottawa, Ontario.

CFA Recognition Awards pay tribute to individuals and franchise systems for their achievements and contributions to the Canadian franchise community, and for their commitment and contributions to philanthropic endeavours. Nominations are solicited from CFA members across Canada and winners are selected by committee based on merit.

“The CFA Recognition Awards are about excellence in the franchise community,” says the CFA’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Lorraine McLachlan. “Franchising is a significant business sector in Canada making positive contributions to the Canadian economy and the community-at-large.  Our prestigious CFA Recognition Awards celebrate these contributions. We congratulate all the winners on their achievements.”

New this year, the CFA has introduced a Diversity and Inclusion Champion Award to recognize a company or individual for extraordinary leadership and contribution towards improving and promoting diversity and inclusion within their workplace and the franchise community in Canada.

The recipients of the 2018 CFA Recognition Awards are:

Category: Diversity and Inclusion Champion Award
Recipient: The Lunch Lady

Since its launch in 1993, the Lunch Lady has had all the right ingredients for a rewarding franchise: serve good food to over 140 communities and help create diverse and inclusive societies. And it all boils down to founder Ruthie Burd’s dedication to ensure “everyone wins.” Today, she proudly supports healthier school food environments in hundreds of schools, delivering her service to thousands of kids, including those with allergies, helps schools raise much needed funds, and is currently involved in developing strategies to assist not-for-profit organizations to provide meals for those at-risk through the newly created Lunch Lady Foundation. Ruthie is also committed to providing employment opportunities for adults with special needs, not just in her company, but across Canada. What started out as a brand created by one mom for other moms, has grown into a thriving business that continues to serve communities in the best way possible.

Category: Lifetime Achievement Award
Recipient: Randy Moore, Mister Transmission

Trail-blazer. It’s the one word that best sums up Randy Moore and his achievements as President and CEO of Mister Transmission, a leading brand in driveline repairs. From a single store in Richmond Hill, Ontario in 1963, (where he was Store Manager), to more than 60 locations across the country, Randy Moore’s role in Mister Transmission’s growth is nothing short of exemplary. Through the span of his 40-year career, he’s gone above and beyond, mentoring franchisees across the automotive sector and forging one of Canada’s most iconic and memorable brands.

Category: Hall of Fame Award
Recipient: Kumon

Kumon Logo

With over 24,700 learning centres and 4.3 million enrolments to date, Kumon is one of the fastest growing businesses, helping children achieve their academic potential worldwide. But back in 1954, founder Toru Kumon was only intent on helping one child achieve his potential: his son. After coming home with poor test results, Kumon created math worksheets for his son’s daily practice.

Fast forward to 2018 and children all over world use Kumon’s math sheets as a springboard to success. Through an unwavering commitment, the Kumon brand continues to ensure every child is able to reach their academic goals through partnerships with organizations like the Japan Integration Cooperation Agency and Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee.

Category: Outstanding Corporate Citizen Award
Recipient: BioPed

Walking the walk, BioPed is more than just a brand specializing in custom orthotics. It’s a brand that’s helped underprivileged communities around the world move safely, easily and comfortably through its Goodytwoshoes Foundation. Partnering with charities like Salvation Army Shelters since 2010 and Soles4Soles more recently, BioPed has kept shoes out of landfills and provided footwear to people in need. From children walking to school to receive an education to women working out on fields to feed their families, BioPed remains dedicated to providing the foundation for happy and healthy communities everywhere.

Category: Volunteer Leadership Excellence Award
Recipient: The CFA Changing Workplaces Taskforce
Matthew Badrov, Sherrard Kuzz LLP
Janice Beer, A&W Food Services of Canada
Julie Breau, Restaurant Brands International
Clark Harrop, McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada
Joel Levesque, McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada
Sherry MacLauchlan, McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada
Carol Patterson, Restaurant Brands International
Julie May Rogers, McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada
Michael Sherrard, Sherrard Kuzz LLP
Peter Snell, Gowling WLG LLP
Larry Weinberg, Cassels Brock LLP
John Wissent, CFA Board of Directors

With potential changes to Ontario’s labour laws posing a critical threat to franchising in the province, the CFA’s ability to advocate for franchisors and franchisees on this issue would not have been possible without the dedicated volunteers who made up the CFA Changing Workplaces Task Force. Formed in November 2015, the Task Force worked tirelessly to ensure that the government did not adopt recommendations for a joint-employer designation for franchisors, which would have destroyed the franchise business model in Canada. As a result of these efforts, joint-employer was not included in Ontario’s new labour legislation, and franchisors were not singled out in any of the amendments.

For more information about the CFA Recognition Awards, please visit:


About the Canadian Franchise Association
The Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) helps everyday Canadians realize the dream of building their own business through the power of franchising. CFA advocates on issues that impact this dream on behalf of more than 700 corporate members and over 40,000 franchisees from many of Canada’s best-known and emerging franchise brands. Beyond its role as the voice of the franchise industry, CFA strengthens and develops franchising by delivering best-practice education and creating rewarding connections between Canadians and the opportunities in franchising. Canadian franchises contribute over $96 billion per year to the Canadian economy and create jobs for more than 1.8 million Canadians. Learn more at or

Media Contact
Lisa Raffaele | (647) 837-1265 |


Start your summer at the 2018 CFA Golf Tournaments


The CFA’s Golf Tournaments are back, and bigger and better than ever before! Join us this June for one of three golf classics in British Columbia, Ontario, and New Brunswick.

Exclusive to CFA-member and non-member franchisors and industry suppliers, each golf classic is designed to optimize your chances of making substantial business connections, connect with colleagues and industry leaders, and discover new ways to enhance the franchise business model.

All proceeds will go towards CFA’s advocacy efforts, which includes leading the fight against legislation that prohibits franchise systems from effectively executing their businesses, while simultaneously promoting excellence in Canadian franchising.

Golf competitions will be held throughout the day* in addition to the main 18-hole tournament where you and your team can compete to win the CFA’s Golf Cup and be fitted for Blue Jackets.

Registration for all three tournaments includes: green fees, a shared power cart, lunch, reception, and dinner.

Pacific Golf Classic
Westwood Plateau Golf Club
Coquitlam, BC
Register Here

Central Golf Classic
Richmond Hill Golf Club
Richmond Hill, ON
Register Here

Atlantic Golf Classic
Royal Oaks Golf Course
Moncton, NB
Register Here

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Lou Gervasi at or 416-695-2896 ext. 243 

*Details coming soon

Get Ready for the Biggest Event in Canadian Franchising!

Click here to see who’s attending the 2018 CFA National Convention – it’s a who’s who of franchising!

Canada’s biggest franchise conference is just around the corner! Taking place April 22-24 in Ottawa, Ontario, the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) National Convention is the best place to network with the industry’s top executives and create influential business connections with esteemed franchise leaders. Click here to see who will be attending this year’s conference!

With Convention just around the corner, anticipation is running high! We asked our board members what they’re most looking forward to this year. From networking to learning to connecting with industry peers, here’s what they had to say:

“I am particularly excited and looking forward to the 2018 CFA Convention due to the stellar line up of speakers and topics. I look forward to facilitating a roundtable session on how to make the most of your CFA membership, a CEO break out session, and to hosting several guest speaker sessions. Most of all, I look forward to seeing friends and colleagues and to meeting new members and friends. Networking and learning at the CFA Convention is top tier and I always come away with new ideas and knowledge.”
– Dawn Mucci, Lice

“The CFA Convention is a great way to connect with the industry, explore new ideas, and discover opportunities.”
– Hadi Chahin, Mary Brown’s Inc.

“The CFA National Convention is about sharing ideas. I’m most looking forward to re-connecting with friends and colleagues from the franchising industry – and meeting a few new people, too!”
– Clark Harrop, McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited

“As a member of the Board of Directors for the CFA, I can say that the CFA has been working hard to support our members, including making changes to the lead generation platforms and hosting the Toronto FranchiseCanada Show free of charge to visitors. I am hoping to get some feed back from members on their successes and where we can help more. Franchising is a big part of the Canadian economy, and I am looking forward to many more years of success.”
– Sebastian Fuschini, Pizza Pizza

“I cannot wait for the Convention this year! It looks like there will be some great speakers but I like the roundtable discussions the most, as you get to hear views from other franchisors and take home some good tips for your own franchise program. The networking is another plus, along with meeting with all the suppliers in the Marketplace. Will never miss the Convention and looking forward to another great one!”
– Joel Friedman, Pumpernickel’s

“It’s not just another convention – it’s a powerful meeting of the franchise business sector. Each member, whether a seasoned franchisor or a new member, has the opportunity to exchange information, to freely share ideas, experiences, and knowledge, and to learn from each other. I always come away thinking, ‘wow, that program or idea could work for us.'”
– Terry Hould, ServiceMaster of Canada Limited

Don’t miss out on all of the excitement! Click here for full details about this year’s education and social program and register today.

CFA National Convention Meet & Greet

Iconic Canadian Franchise Founders to Share Secrets for Success at the 2018 CFA National Convention

Over 500 franchise industry leaders expected to attend Canada’s premier franchise education and networking event from April 22-24 in Ottawa, Ontario

(Toronto, ON) March 28, 2018… Century 21 Founder U. Gary Charlwood and Nurse Next Door Co-Founder John DeHart – two of Canada’s greatest business success stories – are among the experts who will address franchise business leaders during the 27th annual Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) National Convention, to be held from April 22 to 24 at the Westin Ottawa.

More than 500 franchisors are expected to attend this year, representing Canada’s leading brands including McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada,, Dairy Queen, Boston Pizza, Kumon Canada, Mister Transmission, and A&W Food Services of Canada.

“As the premier event for franchising in Canada, the CFA National Convention offers unmatched learning and networking opportunities for all franchise professionals, from new and established franchisors to franchise industry suppliers,” says Lorraine McLachlan, the CFA’s President and CEO. “With a powerful lineup of Keynote Speakers and more than 40 educational sessions to choose from, the CFA National Convention provides a forum for franchise business leaders to network, share ideas and work together to shape the future of franchise excellence in Canada.”

Rounding out three days of in-depth educational programming, the CFA National Convention will feature three Keynote Speakers:

  • Gary Charlwood, Founder, Charlwood Pacific Group, will share his inspiring journey from an employee struggling to make ends meet, to an international franchising trailblazer.
  • Todd Cohen, Sales Expert and Bestselling Author, will offer up the secrets to increasing profits by building a sales culture
  • John DeHart, Co-Founder, Nurse Next Door and LIVE WELL Exercise Clinics, will highlight how to build a first-class company culture that will inspire employees and franchisees to live and breathe the brand

In addition to learning and networking, attendees will also celebrate their peers at the much anticipated Gala Awards Presentation on Monday, April 23, where the CFA will announce the winners of the Awards of Excellence in Franchising, Franchisees’ Choice Designation and Recognition Awards. These highly coveted awards celebrate excellence in franchising and the mutually-rewarding relationship between a franchise system and its franchisees.

For more information about the 27th annual CFA National Convention, visit

About the Canadian Franchise Association

The Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) helps everyday Canadians realize the dream of building their own business through the power of franchising. CFA advocates on issues that impact this dream on behalf of more than 700 corporate members and over 40,000 franchisees from many of Canada’s best-known and emerging franchise brands. Beyond its role as the voice of the franchise industry, CFA strengthens and develops franchising by delivering best-practice education and creating rewarding connections between Canadians and the opportunities in franchising. Canadian franchises contribute over $96 billion per year to the Canadian economy and create jobs for more than 1.8 million Canadians. Learn more at or

# # #

For media accreditation, more information, and/or to arrange an interview with Lorraine McLachlan, CFA President & CEO, or any of the speakers or award winners, please contact:

Lisa Raffaele
PUNCH Canada

CFA knock-out Logo

Canadian Franchise Association (CFA)
116-5399 Eglinton Ave W
Toronto, Ontario
M9C 5K6

T: 416-695-2896
F: 416-695-1950
H: Weekdays, 9am-5pm

Upcoming Events

  1. [Webinar] The Time is Now for Franchise Organizations to start acting like Brand Chains

    December 4 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
  2. CFA Holiday Luncheon

    December 5 @ 11:00 am - 2:00 pm
  3. [Webinar] Accessing the USA Market: Learn How It’s Done

    January 15, 2020 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm