Franchising in the News

Is your franchise ready for Canada’s anti-spam law?

Don’t you hate receiving unsolicited emails from businesses you’ve either never heard of, or don’t remember subscribing to for their newsletters? Turns out the federal government’s got your back — sort of. Canada is one of the last developed nations in the world to enact anti-spam legislation but, effective July 1, 2014, that’s no longer going to be the case.  In fact, the government seems to be making up for lost time by assembling some of the strictest and unwieldy laws yet in this area.

Tim Hortons plans 800 more restaurants

Tim Hortons has laid out an ambitious plan to add 800 more franchise outlets by 2018, the latest shot in an escalating war to stay on top of the quick breakfast and coffee market. The TSX-listed company said Tuesday it will add as many as 300 new locations in the U.S. in the next four years, a market where it has had difficulty gaining a foothold.

Spa franchise Hand & Stone continues to expand since moving corporate offices in Hamilton

They started out in towns near the Jersey Shore, small day spas offering massages to people on the go. Within a few years, they’d become hot spots in the New York and Philadelphia markets. Now, there are nearly 150 Hand & Stone locations throughout the United States and Canada. Like many other businesses looking to spread their name far and wide, Hand & Stone operates as a franchise business, allowing individual investors to own and operate one or more stores.