Attention Business Owners
As a growth strategy, Franchising provides you with the ability to gain market share by increasing your points of distribution. Compared to other business expansion models, Franchising allows you to expand faster with minimal capital as investment at the unit level is covered by your franchisees. Your brand’s growth won’t be limited to one or two cities — Franchising offers the opportunity to have a multitude of units throughout the world.

Learn how to effectively compete with your larger competitors. Find out How to Franchise Your Business.

  • What exactly is happening in the Canadian franchising environment?
    Trends and recent developments
  • Ensure you attract the best!
    Strategies for marketing to potential franchisees
  • Don't forget about the law!
    The legal side of franchising and avoiding the pitfalls
  • Money is always an issue!
    Financing the franchise and dealing with bankers
  • Been there, done that!
    Experiences from a franchisor and the ups and downs you can expect