As the national voice for franchising in Canada, the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) speaks on behalf of all stakeholders in the franchise community and supports franchise legislation and initiatives that promote and advance excellence in franchising and that have the goal or result of achieving uniformity in franchise legislation across Canada. CFA will consider advocating against any legislation or initiative that prohibits CFA member franchise systems from effectively and efficiently executing their business. CFA works with all levels of Canadian government to ensure the development of industry-made solutions.

Consultation with CFA Regional Advisory Committees ensures consideration of regional franchise perspectives on proposed or existing legislation and government initiatives in their jurisdiction as well as federally. Regional Advisory Committees also play a key role in participating on provincial and local government advisory committees to strengthen CFA’s position as the voice of franchising in Canada.

CFA determines advocacy actions (both proactive and reactive) on proposed or existing legislation or initiatives of government at all level as follows:

 Issue is…
 CFA will…
 1. Directly regulating franchising;
Definitely respond to any issue directly regulating franchising in Canada.
 2. Indirectly regulating or affecting franchising; or
Respond based on available resources, time limitations and the percentage of CFA members impacted by the issue.
 3. Having a material effect of franchising or franchised businesses.

If you are aware of any issue impacting franchising of which CFA should be made aware, please contact:

Lorraine McLachlan
CFA President & CEO
Tel: 416-695-2896 ext. 222